DQE Debuts New Mass Decontamination System

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INDIANAPOLIS, July 21, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Every community needs to plan and prepare for the risks of HazMat, CBRN, and mass casualty incidents. These emergency plans should include policies for quick and efficient decontamination of contaminated victims. DQE, the leader in portable decontamination systems, introduces the MasCas II Decontamination Shower, a durable, lightweight, multi-victim decon shower with a fast-deploying design for technical decontamination. The MasCas II Decon Shower fits in two carry bags, quickly sets up, offers a level of privacy, and allows multiple individuals to move through the decon process at the same time.

The MasCas II Decontamination Shower unit is constructed of strong polymer materials and the "quick-connect" couplings and color-coded shower frame parts enable fast and simplified assembly. The portable decontamination shower design is fully collapsible for compact storage and transport in only two vinyl carry bags. Deploying in either a four or two stall configuration to accommodate a stretcher, the MasCas II Decontamination Shower is the optimal portable solution for efficient mass decontamination of both ambulatory and non-ambulatory patients who are unresponsive, have life-threatening injuries, or need extensive accommodations. The quick-clean spray nozzles allow users to finetune the spray direction. Simultaneously decontaminate several individuals with vinyl privacy dividers separating each stall.
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