Amramp Wheelchair Ramp Saves Family from Fire

Press Release from Amramp

“The quality of the ramp you installed saved me and my husband’s life. We were thinking about an aluminum wheelchair ramp. Thank God, we did not. My neighbors modular home exploded and my trailer home blew up and your ramp was not damaged and safe to use. I highly recommend this ramp and will in the future to others.”

Sincerely, a Clinton, CT Family

Just over a week ago, Bob Danek, owner of the Amramp Connecticut & Eastern New York franchise, and the Amramp Connecticut Team installed a wheelchair ramp for a Clinton, CT family to access their new mobile home. This past Friday, less than a week after the ramp was installed, the family was awoken in the middle of the night by a large explosion. Their whole home was rocked by a blast from their neighbors’ mobile home exploding due to being filled with propane. The family quickly tried to exit their home only to find a large debris field and fire all around them. One family member uses a power chair could safely navigate down our steel modular ramp where they safely exited away from their home - which was on fire at the time. There was debris and fire all around them from the neighbors’ unit, which used to be about 100' away.

Many homes in the park were damaged from the blast that flew debris up to 100 yards, but our Amramp Modular Ramp survived!

Bob Danek remarked, “Upon inspection of our ramp we found no noticeable damage nor shifting of any part of the ramp. The solid structure of our ramp withstood the force of the blast that knocked out both sliding doors and all the windows in their unit. Our ramp allowed them to safely exit their home during this emergency.”

The Amramp steel ramp system is made in South Boston, Massachusetts from recycled steel and is cost effective, energy efficient, attractive…and fireproof!

Per design standards, wheelchair ramps are an emergency means of egress in a fire and should be fireproof. Amramp meets and exceeds those criteria and is made from the same steel as fire escapes. Wood and aluminum are not fireproof. Aluminum melts in the heat of a fire. Amramp is your trusted source for safe and affordable wheelchair ramps.

Amramp installs wheelchair ramps and other accessibility products throughout the US and parts of Canada at residential homes, businesses, schools and institutions.

Amramp is the leading company in the United States specializing in modular steel wheelchair ramps, offering sturdy, customizable ramps for disability access that enable the aging and disabled population to remain in their homes safely with independence and mobility.

Ramps can be installed temporarily for short or long-term needs – for purchase or rental. They are not a permanent modification and do not require footings so they can be installed in almost any type of weather.

Amramp products comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are available for sale or rental with no minimum time frame and no ramp size restrictions – even for just one day!

Amramp also installs stair lifts, vertical platform lifts, overhead patient lifts and other accessibility products – all intended to keep the people safe at home, among loved ones.

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