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Woodland Park, NJ -July 2015 DataScreening was recently interviewed by Commerce and Industry Association of NJ for a spotlight in their magazine know as Commerce.

Companies are realizing more and more the importance of protecting their customers, employees and the general public. With negligent hiring lawsuits and awards in the millions, every company needs to manage risk by providing a safe work environment for their employees. That’s why DataScreening – an employment and tenant screening company that provides background checks to human resource department and management and real estate office – has become such a vital business partner for so many firms, “says founder and President Karen Jacobsen.

In fact, DataScreening’s sales have increased an average of 29 percent per year over the last 5 years. “We attribute this growth to our dynamic technology which provides our customer with an interactive, user-friendly system and our superior customer service support,” explains Kimberly Amicucci, vice president in charge of the company’s operations. “with an aggressive marketing program, and expanded product offerings, we have been able to capture business in all industries and provide services nationally and internationally.”

DataScreening started as a spinoff of Credit Resources Inc. a credit reporting agency, which was sold to a Fortune 500 company. The purchaser wasn’t interest in the background screening business, so DataScreening emerged with its banking and mortgage company clients as a new business. Since that time, DataScreening has expanded their market share into all types of industries providing criminal record search; drug screening; employment and education verifications; motor vehicle records; I-9 services, a variety of databases searches, including exclusionary list; and tenant screening services.

DataScreening is a certified woman-owned business located in Woodland Park, NJ and is a member of National Association of Public Background Screeners.

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