2/11/22- Argentum- TLB

Boomers in Transition: What's Next In Unit Design?

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AG Architecture has spearheaded an information gathering initiative via a 2018-2019 survey series in order to support the design of innovative senior living communities across the country. The focus is understanding the question everyone is asking right now — What do Boomers want? We know this influential demographic of approximately 74 million people is redefining aging. As an architecture firm that specializes in designing places where people live and creating a sense of community, we want to know how and where Boomers want to live in the coming years. AG launched this effort with its Boomers in Transition: What’s Next in Unit Design? survey. Download the full report for insight into unit design preferences and see how all of these details come together in a virtual design tour - https://agarch.com/unit_design_survey/

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