Smiths Medical Works to Prevent Perioperative Hypothermia with Uniquely Designed HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmer

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St. Paul, Minn., August 14, 2014 – Smiths Medical, a leading global medical device manufacturer, provides innovative hospital equipment and surgical supplies to a global consumer base. Committed to designing and manufacturing increasingly safe medical devices, Smiths Medical creates products such as HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmer. The warming unit’s unique construction and long history of success sets it apart from competitors for patient comfort, safety, and the prevention of surgical complications such as perioperative hypothermia.   

Proven over two decades and 30 million surgeries, HOTLINE® Blood and Fluid Warmer has demonstrated its value maintaining patient normothermia in common surgical environments such as orthopedic, abdominal, OBGYN, cardiac, and more. HOTLINE® warming systems ensure blood and intravenous fluids are kept at the precise temperature needed for patient wellbeing and safety during a procedure.

Conventional blood and IV warmers heat the fluid prior to administration. However, the gap between the warming unit and the patient subjects fluids to a cool-down period, making it difficult to preserve the fluid or blood temperature. To combat this, Smiths Medical employs a unique triple-lumen design in the HOTLINE® warmer.

The innovative temperature management system adds an outer lumen around the central line conducting the IV fluid. In this outer lumen, a warmth-transferring fluid circulates to keep the inner tube at an exact temperature, consistently delivering fluids at routine, gravity flow rates.

Perioperative hypothermia is a frequent, yet preventable, surgical complication. HOTLINE® warmer’s triple-lumen design is the first and only of its kind to address the risk traditional fluid and blood warmers pose to patients by allowing cool-down in the line.

In addition to combating perioperative hypothermia, Smiths Medical’s HOTLINE® liquid warmer eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination with its sterile triple-lumen tubing, meets all AABB standards for blood warming, utilizes audio and visual monitoring alarms, and is user-friendly for hospital staff.

The HOTLINE® warmer is part of Smiths Medical’s Level 1® brand, an internationally recognized gold standard in patient warming systems. Learn more and watch an animated video about HOTLINE® fluid warmer and Level 1® by visiting

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