Ableware Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench Makes the Bathroom a Safer Place

Press Release from Maddak, Inc.

Wayne, NJ - If you are thinking "I didn't know the bathroom was unsafe", consider this: a 2011 study by the Center for Disease Control reported that hundreds of thousands of falls occur in the bathroom each year, with seniors suffering the most serious injuries. One reason for these falls is difficulty stepping over the wall of a bathtub. A solution to overcoming this is the Ableware Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench from Maddak Inc. which simplifies the process of getting into and out of the bathtub by eliminating the need for a person to step over the side of the tub.

Kathleen Hanek, Director of Product Management for Maddak Inc., U.S. manufacturer of Ableware Aids for Daily Living, explains "the Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench is extremely helpful to people who have difficulty stepping over the wall of a bathtub. It has a long seating surface and is positioned with two legs in the tub and two legs outside. This allows you to sit down on the portion of the seat that is outside and safely transfer across the seat into the inside of the tub. The sliding feature enables you to move across the bench with very little effort, and the swivel seat allows for easier transfers into the tub and optimal acc essibility for caregivers."

In addition to the senior population Hanek adds "the Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench is ideal for anyone who has a lower extremity injury or a disability that prevents weight bearing on the legs."

The Ablew are Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench is height adjustable from 16 - 23" (40.6 - 58.4 cm) and, according to Hanek, "features Maddak's exclusive quick - change leg design that makes adjusting the height simple. The legs can be easily adjusted in ¼" (.64 cm) increments and they have non - slip rubber tips that hold the bench securely in place." The legs, back and arm are all removable for easy transport and storage. Other amenities include a built - in soap tray, a shower spray holder and a slit for the shower curtai n. Made of talc filled polypropylene the Sliding Rotating Transfer Bench has a weight capacity of 400 lb. (181.8 kg). Suggested retail price for the bench is $149.99.


About Maddak

Maddak Inc. manufactures products that simplify the tasks of daily living - eating, drinking, dressing, grooming, bathing, toileting, etc. - for seniors, people with disabilities and people undergoing rehabilitation. The company mission is to provide quality products that enable p eople to maximize their independence and remain active despite any limitations they may face. Marketed under the Ableware® brand name, the Maddak product line includes over 500 products sold through medical and hospital supply centers, pharmacies, homecare centers and internet outlets. Established in 1971, Maddak Inc., headquartered in Wayne, NJ is the largest U.S. manufacturer of assistive devices, clinical modalities and home healthcare and rehabilitation products. ###

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