Move-Up Buyers Fuel the Real Estate Market

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

Recent data shows that the largest segment of the home buying market today is the "Move-Up" buyer.


As home prices continue to stabilize, the percentage of move-up buyers continues to increase.


Using the right combination of Demographic and Realty Information, Dataman Group Direct can help you target this important prospect group by identifying young and growing families who are sure to need more room…and have the resources to "move up".


One Realtor we work with explains why "Move-Up" buyers are his favorite group: "We get a commission on the sale and another commission on the purchase. It's a Realtor's dream."


An attractive post card with the right wording can help create a need – "Does your family need room to grow"?   Combine that with an accurate and targeted mailing list and Real Estate professionals can watch their sales grow.


For information about the Move-Up Buyers list – as well as the First Time Home Buyers list, call Dataman Group Direct at (800) 771-3282 or e-mail mailto:[email protected] v

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