Mail Smarter

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

Two words can save you thousands of Advertising dollars while increasing your response rate and ROI.

No Boss would say no to that!

Gone are the days of mass mailings to everyone in your service area. Companies have less money to spend yet want more in return for what they do spend. Sounds crazy? Not quite.

Mailing Lists are more accurate than ever and have more selections to qualify your prospects. That is why companies who "Mail Smarter" are spending less when it comes to Direct Marketing yet having the highest response rate of any advertising medium.

Only Single Family Homeowners will replace a roof, so why target Renters or Condo Owners? Your average sale requires financing, so why target people who can't meet your credit standards? Your Dental Practice has great value and success with kids, so why target people with no children in the household?

Even with Variable Cost Printing, the average cost of a Direct Mailer is at an all-time high due to postage. Why not offset those cost by mailing to segmented groups. By using the data at your disposal and knowing your customer, you can apply a number of selects which will allow you to better target prospects in your area.

So, I will say again, Mail Smarter.

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