Dataman Group’s New Consumer Financial Insights Overlay Helps Marketers Focus Their Dollars on Top Prospects

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

We are pleased to introduce a new overlay on our Consumer file called Consumer Financial Insights, which was developed by First Manhattan Consulting Group.

Consumer Financial Insights SM  are one-dimensional segmentation frameworks based on self-reported and actual financial services-related behaviors. Consumer Financial Insights SM  scores are used by marketers across a wide range of applications, including targeting households based on their potential within specific asset categories, e.g., Deposits, Investable Assets, Mortgage, Total Net Assets.

Consumer Financial Insights SM  are household-level scores and are therefore more accurate than zip+4 scoring systems. All scores comply with regulatory data guidelines, where applicable.

The scores can also be appended to both customer and prospect files and are available for both invitation-to-apply campaigns and pre-screen campaigns, where applicable.

 Based on the actual offer, these are the categories marketers can choose from:

  ·         Household Deposits Score  - deposit balances held at financial institutions.

·          Investable Assets Score ®  - investable assets: deposits (checking, savings, money market, CD), stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, etc.

·          Investment Balances Score SM  - investment balances: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement accounts, etc.

·          Mortgage Refinance Score ®  - likelihood to refinance a mortgage. This score is available for both pre-screen and invitation-to-apply campaigns.

·          Net Asset Score ®  - total assets minus total liabilities

 Overlay that on top of our robust demographics, such as age, income, marital status, gender, home ownership and home value…..and direct mailers have a mailing list that will respond!

 Call Dale Filhaber at Dataman Group Direct – (800) 771-3282 for more information.


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