Dataman Group works with Landscape & Pest Control Companies to mark April National Lawn & Garden Month

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

Every business needs to look at the calendar and see how they can align themselves with a nationally recognized event.

April is National Lawn & Garden month, which gives the lawn, landscape & pest control industries a fabulous event to be part of.

Landscape and Pest Control businesses who promote their company as being part of National Lawn & Garden month, get the chance to take advantage of free publicity and national recognition.

Direct mailing to the right people in their market gives those companies real "greenie" points in the Branding column. Looking like part of a national initiative makes a company look more important and offers a chance to follow up the mail campaign with social media that will add response to the initial marketing investment.

New Homeowners are the #1 prospect group for Lawn & Pest Control companies, always providing the biggest bang for the buck. As Spring starts to sprout, marketers need to be ready to reach out to the New Homeowners in their area, before these valuable prospective customers simply go on-line and click on the first company they see.

Landscape companies, Pest Control and Lawn Service Marketers should call the Dataman Group office at 800.771.3282 for further information.

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