7 products you should not buy online …and why New Homeowners give such good ROI

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct


Kiplinger Consumer News lists 7 retail items where the benefits of a face-to-face purchase far outweigh the opportunity to buy the same product on-line.


  • Bicycles

  • Kids Shoes

  • Flowers

  • Furniture

  • Home Décor

  • Mattresses

  • Swimwear


Of the 7 items, the 3 most expensive are home-oriented and most often purchased by New Homeowners.


New Homeowners account for more home-oriented purchases in the first 3 months in their new homes vs regular home owners, who may purchase the same items over several years.


New Homeowners are the top group of prospects for furniture/mattress and home décor stores, as well as for companies that offer window treatments, security alarm systems, water treatment units and pest control services.


Mailing to New Homeowners is a bargain and marketers can fine-tune their advertising budget by direct mailing only to these top prospects.


Example: There are 98,307,732 households in the database, of which 67,747,567 are Home/condo owners.   There were 1,913,606 New Homeowners who bought homes/condos in 2014.



By mailing only to New Homeowners, marketers can narrow their efforts and expenses, targeting   less than 2% of the population, reaching them dependably and inexpensively though the mail. Why spend $$ reaching the other 98%?



Marketers who entice the New Homeowner group with creativity and provide an offer they can’t refuse will generate interest. Dataman Group in Boca Raton provides New Homeowner lists to marketers all over the US

Mailing to New Homeowners is an efficient use of resources- like using a scalpel instead of a shovel.






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