Dataman Group Works with Accountants & Tax Preparers to Reach New Homeowners

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New Homeowners have to file taxes. It’s just the simple truth. There are benefits and credits, mortgage interest deductions, real estate taxes and a myriad of other deductions a New Homeowner can file.


Many New Homeowners are brand new to a community and will simply google  tax preparer  and call the first person on the list.


Unless an accountant is spending the big bucks to come up #1 in their market, they need to find another way to stand out from the crowd. And, they can’t just sit around and wait for a prospect to call them.


Mailing to New Homeowners in the practice area has always been successful. It is efficient. It is cost-effective. It works.


  • The Dataman Group list of  New Homeowners  starts at $100
  • The lifetime value of a new client is in the thousands of dollars.


Mailing to New homeowners is the easiest marketing program an Accountant, EA or Tax Professional can undertake. It’s like reaching for low hanging fruit.

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In 2015, there were more than 2,300,000 New Homeowners in the United States.


The top states, in terms of the number of New Homeowners who purchased homes or condos are:


  • California
  • Florida

  • Texas

  • Ohio

  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Washington

  • Georgia

  • Illinois

  • North Carolina


Many Accountants + Tax Preparers have builttheir practices, using the Dataman New Homeowner List.



Says long-time accountant Robert Manela, CPA in Coral Springs, FL: “Kudos to the Dataman Group New Home Owner list. I still have clients from the first list I bought from you 24 years ago. Thanks for helping me grow my practice”.




A small investment can really payoff big time – especially because many satisfied New Homeowner clients stay with their accountant for many years. The lifetime value of a new client is priceless.




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