New List from Dataman Group: Homes by Type of Roof

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

Dataman Group’s new list of Homeowners by Home age & Roof Type lets roofing & home improvement companies fine tune their marketing efforts and spend their advertising dollars reaching optimum prospects.

Top Roofing Marketers know the key to success is to match the prospect list to the product and select those homeowners that are most likely to need their Roofs replaced.

For example - there are over 18 million homes in the US, over 20 years old, with asphalt shingle/composite roofs .   According to the National Association of Home Builders, that is the life expectancy of an asphalt shingle composite roof.

Direct marketing is the only way business can target these prospects. Lists are available for both direct mail & telemarketing.

Dataman Group has been working with Roofers & Home Improvement companies since 1980 - fine tuning their prospect lists to improve their lead generation response, bringing quality leads into their businesses.

Roofers and Home Improvement company marketers can call (800) 771-3282 for additional information. The company is also offering an introductory special on this new list  for home improvement marketers looking for new business.



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