Reverse Mortgages Poised for a Comeback

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Are Reverse Mortgages Poised for a Comeback?

Golden Homeowners are Responding Well to Reverse Mortgage Offers.


The recent press regarding Reverse Mortgages is giving the product quite the boost.

With experts coming on board and explaining how Reverse Mortgages work into an individual’s coordinated retirement strategy and the advent of program changes and consumer protections, Reverse Mortgages are poised to become a force in the next few years.

Depending on the specific Reverse Mortgage product, Mortgage marketers looking to increase their Reverse Mortgage business can mail to:

  • ·          Actual Reverse (HECM) mortgage holders
  • ·          Reverse Mortgage Prospects - Homeowners, Age 62+ with Equity in their homes.


According to a recent article in Investment News, by 2050, there are expected to be a million centenarians in the United States. And even those who don't reach 100 have a good chance of living well into their 90s.

Surveys show that people are not saving enough money for even the current life expectancy and are not properly planning with those advanced ages in mind.

A 55-year-old couple planning to retire at age 65 can expect total lifetime health care costs to be $463,849, including premiums and out-of-pocket costs, according to the Retirement Health Care Cost Data Report issued by HealthView Services, a retirement health care planning firm. That’s a huge number.


Bottom line, the challenge for many retirees will be making their nest egg last long enough for them to enjoy the retirement they envisioned. For many seniors, taking out a reverse mortgage will help them face their golden years.

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