Brand new - Integrated Marketing Checklist for 2018

Press Release from Dataman Group Direct

This Integrated Marketing Checklist covers strategies marketers should consider for customer acquisition.

1. Search marketing : when a prospect uses Google to search on your company name or product, a paid search ad should pop up and direct them to their website or landing page.

2. Retargeting : when a prospect interacts with content on a media site or searches on a specific term, a sequence of follow-up ads, known as retargeting,  should show up as they visit other sites.   Many people refer to this as “stalking” a prospect. For example, if you’ve ever clicked on an ad for shoes on-line, you know you will see other ads for shoes every time you open up your Facebook.

3. Welcome strategy : when a prospect subscribes to an email newsletter or calls into the office to ask about a service, you should have a welcome strategy in place. This might include using a sequence of email, direct mail and follow up phone calls to start to develop rapport and educate the customer about the brand or product.  Bottom line, you are looking to generate a sale and you have to start somewhere.


4. Following up on customer interest . When a customer clicks on a link in an email or interacts repeatedly with content on a site, do you have a way to interact with them? Is there an automated workflow that triggers email, direct mail or a phone reminder about what they were looking at?

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