New Book Released: book: Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers –2019 Edition

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Boca Raton, FL, April 15, 2019 -   Dataman Group Direct is pleased to announce the release of a new book: Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers –2019 Edition by Dale “DataDale” Filhaber.

Dale “DataDale” Filhaber, who has been working with members of the water quality industry for over 30 years, has launched a new book “Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers”.  

“Lead generation is never easy” explained Ms. Filhaber. “This book will give water quality dealers the tools they need to keep the leads flowing into their pipeline on a continuous basis”.

DataDale has coached hundreds of business owners, marketing directors and sales managers in creating an integrated lead generation program that covers multiple marketing channels. She is a popular presenter at the annual Water Quality Association conference, the author of Pure Water profits blog and a contributor to many industry publications.

Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers – 2019 Edition focuses on the different options dealers have in terms of prospect lists, media channels, using creative buzz words, developing offers and creating a destination website. The book also provides tips that dealers can use to reach specific targets:   New Homeowners, Health Conscious households, Millennials and Women.

This is DataDale’s fourth book on lead generation. Her first book, Lead Generation Made Easier was well received in many industries and generated over a thousand downloads.

Lead Generation for water Quality Dealers will make its official debut at the Water Quality Association annual conference being held in Las Vegas, April 23 – 25, 2019. DataDale will be signing books at the bookstore on Tuesday after her presentation on “Marketing Water Filtration to Millennials”. Lead Generation for Water Quality Dealers – 2019 Edition can be purchased at Amazon in either paperback or kindle.

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