New Clinical Recliner for High Design Infusion Centers

Press Release from Champion Manufacturing Inc.

ELKHART, Ind. – The Alō Infusion Recliner is the newest seating selection by premier medical seating company, Champion Manufacturing Inc.   Widely known for their portfolio of recliners with true clinical effectiveness, the Alō has raised the bar with unique customization options that transform the recliner to a beautiful piece of furniture.

Meaning “to nourish,” the Alō was thoughtfully designed to provide comfort for patients as well as being the clinical epicenter for treatment.   “We wanted to offer a solution that would allow our customers to truly design the look of their treatment chair to match their décor without sacrificing the true clinical functionality that infusion-based therapies require,” said Lauri Waidner, marketing manager for Champion.  

By providing this unique customization experience, customers can select from different seat back designs, vanity panels, a “tuxedo” configuration, and even a USB charging port for patient convenience. “With the growing demand for high design in healthcare, we haven’t lost sight of the essential needs of the caregivers and patients,” said Waidner. “With these new curated selections, the Alō truly has it all.”

The new product will be available to order beginning October 1, 2019. “The excitement around the Alō has produced a high demand for orders prior to the formal release,” Waidner states. “The Alō is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ seating selection for a lot of high-end facilities.”

For more information on the Alō Infusion Recliner, call 800-998-5018 or visit

About Champion Manufacturing Inc.
Serving the healthcare industry for over 27 years, Champion is known for delivering treatment seating that meets the clinical needs of caregivers along with comfort options that empower patients.   Flexibility in product styling allows for facilities to design the recliner that meets the needs of their patient population, as well as matching the aesthetics of the caring space they have created. For more information visit

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