Accushield Welcomes Flex - The first scheduling platform designed for CNAs

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Accushield® and BookJane join forces to create Flex, the first kiosk-based workforce scheduling solution for senior living, skilled nursing, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations.

Two Disruptive Platforms Connect to Solve Healthcare Staffing Challenges.

Atlanta, Ga (Feb. 1, 2023) — As the workforce crisis continues in healthcare and upwards of 40% of frontline workers prefer to work in a gig environment, the healthcare industry has struggled to find an effective workforce management solution. For this reason, Charles Mann, Accushield founder and a former senior living operator, and Curtis Khan, BookJane founder and a former staffing agency founder, have spent the last year developing a fully-integrated mobile-first solution to address staffing shortages, agency transparency, and high turnover in senior living communities, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations. Mann and Khan’s combined experiences and diverse perspectives brought them together to create Flex, the first kiosk-based workforce scheduling solution designed to provide flexibility, personal autonomy, and balance in the changing healthcare landscape.

Flex combines a top workforce scheduling platform with the industry’s leading kiosk-based sign-in and entry management system for visitors, staff, and third-party healthcare providers. The collaboration will provide long-term care providers with a simple and unique alternative to traditional management of staff scheduling, call-outs, and time and attendance tracking.

“As a former senior living operator, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to stay on top of scheduling. It’s sometimes brutal, and I’ll be the first to admit that calling a staffing agency to fill a last-minute shift is the “easy button.” In my experience, the call-out technologies in the market today garner low staff utilization, hence the continued increase in staffing agency spending across the country. At times we must think like a staffing agency and utilize the same technology that agencies use to recruit, engage, schedule, and retain talent. This is exactly what the Flex workforce scheduling solution offers,” Mann says.

Launching today in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom under the Accushield brand, Flex offers the following benefits:

  • Automatic shift fulfillment
  • Instant call-out alerts to fill urgent shifts, including the ability for shifts to be shared with multiple locations
  • Use of the Accushield kiosk as a “smart” time and attendance platform for internal and agency staff to clock in and out
  • A mobile-first, gig-friendly application and platform that empowers workers to browse, self-schedule, and accept shifts directly from their phones
  • End-to-end scheduling, including the ability to build and publish team schedules in minutes
  • A staffing agency marketplace designed to create pricing transparency, competition, and invoice oversight
  • A single dashboard that builds, manages, and accesses schedules
  • Instant communication with the entire staff.

Combining these two successful platforms streamlines multiple staffing functions into one dynamic solution that raises the bar on automation and ease of use.

“Flex is incredibly simple and can take less than a week to implement. The platform saves administrative time and effort so our clients can get back to what matters most—delivering quality care and services to residents,” says Khan. “If staff agencies have no problem filling shifts, then neither should our clients. The Flex workforce scheduling solution provides operators with an easy way to leverage internal talent to create an in-house gig economy that mirrors agencies’ ability to fill shifts.”

Built on a cloud-based platform, Flex allows users to create and post open shifts in minutes so that staff, who are notified immediately, can respond through the Flex mobile app. Employees at nearby partner locations can also be notified about open shifts in case extra help is needed outside the core internal team.

“The existing workforce management systems are no longer working, and the gig economy is taking the healthcare industry by storm,” says Khan. “Times have changed, and companies must think differently about workforce scheduling. We created Flex to simplify the scheduling process while at the same time providing broader, more customized options that reduce costs. As we looked to deliver Flex’s technology in an expedited manner, we found that Accushield’s large (6,000+ facilities) geographic footprint in the healthcare industry was just the right platform.”

Access to Flex’s full feature set is available to all Accushield customers through its mobile app.  For more details, go to

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Accushield is a healthcare technology company. Our onsite hardware and software provide visitor/staff management, infection prevention and control, and advanced safety compliance via automation and reporting.

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BookJane is a visionary company that, through its workforce management technologies, addresses the inefficiencies in finding certified service professionals on a timely basis in the US, Canada, and the UK.

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