GlynnDevins is now Attane — powering teams in senior living.

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About Attane

Better Leads. More Appointments. Faster move-ins. Attane, the evolution of GlynnDevins, partners with senior living organizations to engage the right leads at the right time with the right message in the right channel. We bring together hundreds of experts in senior living, direct and digital marketing, and empower them with proprietary data, technology, and insights to drive improved occupancy.

Products by Attane

By Attane

Marketing Automation Meet the demands of today’s information-seeking consumer. Nurture and guide your leads with marketing automation solutions that effortlessly deliver the right content at the right time, right to their fingertips. Be present at the critical junctures in the buyer’s journey. Match the unique... Read more »

By Attane

Direct Mail Roll out a proven marketing strategy made smarter by proprietary data and insights that go beyond basic ZIP code, age and income targeting. Collect qualified responses that increase conversion rates and lower your cost per lead. Leverage a wealth of primary and third-party data to extract... Read more »

By Attane

Digital Marketing Attract and engage high-quality leads with speed, flexibility and precision. Activate success across the digital space by tapping into results-driven marketing solutions that create momentum from the very first touch. Adapt to rapidly changing user expectations to swiftly serve your message in... Read more »

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