Insight Global Volunteers Serve 866 Patients in Honduras Medical Facility in OneWorld Health Partnership

Press Release from Insight Global

In July 2023, 13 volunteers from Insight Global traveled to Tegucigalpa, Honduras to spend a week volunteering with our charity partner OneWorld Health, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing quality, sustainable healthcare solutions to underserved communities around the world.

This latest volunteer group served a total of 866 patients over the course of a week.

“The positive impact that this incredible team was able to make in such a short time will be felt within this community for a long time to come. It brings hope to people to see service in action, and the quality healthcare provided is only made possible through our amazing volunteers.” said Scott Peterson of OneWorld Health.

Several times a year, Insight Global and OneWorld Health send teams of volunteers to serve the communities in Central America and Eastern Africa on project sites. This is the 9th volunteer trip organized by Insight Global, and volunteers are selected by a committee based on written essays on why they feel called to make an impact to “be the light” to these communities. Two more service trips are planned this year to Honduras.

“Being selected as a volunteer to serve patients in Honduras with OneWorld Health brought on feelings of excitement, fear, joy, and apprehension all at once,” said Insight Global Account Manager Erin Ratchick. “But knowing the impact we would make at the end of the trip made me feel more motivated than anything.”

The Tegucigalpa clinic (funded by Insight Global) opened in May 2023 and provides much needed outpatient medical services to help the people in this densely populated area. This is the 7th of 10 GRIT clinics that Insight Global will fund and build in partnership with OneWorld Health.

Through the partnership to date, 79,850 patients have been served, and by 2025 the Insight Global funded hospitals will serve over 2.5 million people and create more than 2,000 jobs in Honduras, Nicaragua and Uganda.

Insight Global provides every employee with five paid days for service each year, and encourages joining a OneWorld trip as a way to utilize this time, in addition to providing other opportunities and ideas for community engagement.

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