Insight Global Appoints New President to Lead Professional Services Division

Press Release from Insight Global

Insight Global recently announced the appointment of  Cillian Maher  as President of  Evergreen , Insight Global’s Professional Services Division. Maher’s appointment aligns with the company’s continued investment in Evergreen, which delivers world class technical and talent services to clients around the globe.   

Maher reports to Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)  Sam Kaufman  and leads a team of 30,000 technology and business consultants providing technical and talent services to thousands of customers globally. Maher’s role is key in the company’s continued investments in  Cloud, Data & AI, Applications, Customer Experience, and Applied Engineering.  

“Cillian is a great fit for our culture. He brings strong leadership experience, a genuine care for people, and a huge part of why he will take Evergreen to the next level is that he is an incredibly intelligent technologist and knows the space inside and out,” said Sam Kaufman.  

Maher’s leadership team includes industry experts in support of the division’s growth and strategy:  

Maher will also oversee the company’s professional services expansion, including nearshore and offshore capabilities in India, Mexico, Romania and others.   

Prior to joining Insight Global, Maher was a member of Google Cloud’s Strategic Partnerships team, splitting his time between London and Atlanta. In that role, he developed GTM partnerships for Google Cloud with key customers across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.   

Visit Evergreen’s  experts page  to learn more about Maher and his team.   

Visit our  website  to learn more about Evergreen’s professional services offerings. 

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