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700 Harris Street, Suite 108
Charlottesville, VA 22903
About Babylon
  • Babylon Micro-Farms invented a proprietary platform that uses AI, machine learning, and camera vision for vertical farming. Our platform enables anyone to grow fresh, nutritious produce on-site through the use of our technology combined with a smartphone app that controls all the operations of the farms. This removes the barriers that previously prevented access to hydroponic vertical farming which required significant farming and technological expertise as well as major capital outlay. Our 15 sq ft farms crop yields are equivalent to those produced by 2000 sq ft of outdoor farmland, this is farming at its most efficient. The farms can be linked together to meet the needs of our clients, adjusting crop yields according to demand. We provide everything from the farm infrastructure, the premixed nutrients, the pre-seeded packs of greens, microgreens and edible flowers. After receiving the seeded pods, the customer places them in the farm, scans the QR code and the app does the rest.
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