Active Living at Its Best with Urban Poling

Press Release from Urban Poling Inc.

Urban Poling is a revolutionary and expanding form of Medical Fitness and rehabilitation that utilizes evidence based and FDA approved walking poles. The award-winning Urban and ACTIVATOR® Poles have been designed through the lens of an Occupational Therapist & Gerontologist. Our Evidence based programs and accredited (CEUs and CCUs) educational platform, which utilize the FDA approved and Patented ACTIVATOR® poles, are being adopted as a therapy & fitness tool by diverse healthcare & medical fitness professionals due to their unique engineering and superior quality. Meet Mandy Shintani, the occupational therapist and Gerontologist that founded Urban Poling Inc, and designed the Activator® Poles as well as educational platform. 


With over 300+ independent research studies on the benefits of pole walking, including 15 independent studies on the ACTIVATOR® Poles, evidence clearly identifies walking with poles, with the proper training, as a healthy mode of physical activity suited for primary and secondary prevention, as well as rehabilitation. Some of the research benefits include:

-          Increased balance, stability & improved posture

-          Pain management

-          Reduced impact on back and lower joints

-          Healthy weight management

-          Higher exercise tolerance

-          Increased walking speed


Urban Poling programs have been implemented through all levels of care within senior living communities from retirement, independent living to assisted living and even within skilled nursing.  This program is something which can easily bridge both the rehabilitation as well as the recreation/wellness programs offered to residents and is highly marketable for this reason.


Check out this video to see the Urban Poling Seniors Living program in action and imagine the possibilities of introducing this new and innovative program to your residents. 





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