Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Press Release from Urban Poling Inc.

Urban Poling, aka Nordic Walking, is a growing fitness and wellness activity which targets both aerobic and strength training by combining specialized poles with walking. As the industry leader in the space, Urban Poling is one of the fastest growing forms of medical fitness and rehabilitation globally. 


One of the many areas that are benefiting from the evidence based and accredited educational programs offered by Urban Poling is in the area of supporting those with Parkinson’s Disease. Larry Gifford, Host of When Life Gives You Parkinson’s & the Michael J Fox Foundation Podcasts says “These ACTIVATOR® poles should be call Confidence Poles. I love them, they give me a sense of balance and security. I have the confidence to go to an airport, go for a hike, a long walk with my family. I can say YES!”  


As April is Parkinson’s awareness month, we wanted to high-light the many research backed benefits of this form of fitness and rehab for those living with Parkinson’s.  There have been over 19 studies conducted on the effects of Nordic walking on Parkinson’s disease. Research indicates that significant improvements in step length while reducing gait cadence without affecting gait speed in participants with Parkinson’s Disease. Additionally, Nordic walking can help improve certain gait spatial-temporal characteristics as well as some aspects of the gait pattern kinetics, especially at the knee. Improvement in cognitive aspects of movement preparation has also been documented along with balance and health-related quality of life. Overall, findings suggest that Nordic walking could provide a safe, effective, and enjoyable way to reduce physical inactivity in PD and to improve the quality of life.


Check out the following video produced by OT & Gerontologist Mandy Shintani on Urban Poling as it relates to Parkinson’s.   


Learn More about the Urban Poling advantages at Urban Poling’s Virtual Live Parkinson’s Wellness Course on May 18th, 2021!


Join internationally renowned presenter Mandy Shintani, Inventor of the ACTIVATOR® Poles & Founder of Urban Poling, as well as guest speaker Dr. Sunhan Anderson, Neurological & Orthopedic Physical Therapist to learn about how to achieve your client’s highest priority goals including greater confidence for walking, independence, and active living in the community with the evidence-based ACTIVATOR® Program. Prescribed as best practices for neurorehabilitation in Canada and abroad, ACTIVATOR® Poles improve all aspects of gait including stride, posture, speed, and arm swing. Patented ACTIVATOR® Poles are recognized as an effective option over canes and can help delay or reduce the use of walkers (under the direction of a physical therapist). The instructor course will be held at 12pm EST (9am PST) and the Activator course will be held at 2pm EST (11am PST).



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Through Urban Poling’s accredited educational programs and uniquely designed and FDA approved poles, Urban Poling is helping people realize that their full potential is not only achievable but also sustainable, by doing exactly what their body was designed to do – move.



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