Walk With Ease for Arthritis Month

Press Release from Urban Poling Inc.


Urban Poling is a revolutionary and expanding form of Medical Fitness and rehabilitation that utilizes, evidence based and FDA approved walking poles. Urban Poling Inc is focused on increasing mobility for every age, ability and fitness level.


One of the many areas that are benefiting from the evidence based and accredited educational programs offered by Urban Poling is in the area of supporting those living with Arthritis. There are currently over 60 million people who have arthritis in North America – that nearly 25% of the adult population! Urban Poling has been helping individuals with arthritis for many years thanks to the patented and ergonomically designed CoreGrip™ and the amazing joint offloading benefits that the ACTIVATOR® and Urban Poles offer!


Click here to learn directly from the Arthritis Society of Canada more about Urban Poling and the benefits of their poles for arthritis:


During Arthritis Month we invite you to join Urban Poling for a FREE Virtual Live Webinar on Urban Poling: Active Living with Arthritis on May 6th, 2021 at 12pm EST. Renowned speaker, inventor and founder of Urban Poling, Mandy Shintani will be joined by Trina Radske-Suchan (PT, CSCS) and Nick Turkas (Director, External Affairs at The Arthritis Foundation) to discuss the research backed benefits of Urban Poling for individuals living with Arthritis. Inflammation due to Arthritis causes pain and stiffness in joints, which can greatly impact your everyday living activities and lifestyle. Of all adults living with some form of Arthritis, 23% report experiencing severe joint pain. Through this learning opportunity, Urban Poling will share how you can take a load off your joints, reduce pain, and Walk with Ease with Urban Poling! Find out how to select the right poles for yourself, get an overview of & learn about the benefits of the Arthritis Foundation: Walk With Ease Program, and learn about Urban Poling & Walk With Ease in action through CHP community.


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Through Urban Poling’s accredited educational programs and uniquely designed and FDA approved poles, Urban Poling is helping people realize that their full potential is not only achievable but also sustainable, by doing exactly what their body was designed to do – move.


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