No business should have to feel they are “on the watch” for changes in their contracts and agreements.

Press Release from Limitless Cost Reduction Specialists

It happens all of the time. Clients that audit their own invoices and manage their own contracts…spend wasted hours trying to sort out the fees and promo plans service providers offer. In the end (months later) they realize how much time and energy they spent trying to sort out the very complicated terms, renewals and plans that should have been crystal clear from the beginning. And all this with no competitive bench-marked analytics!!!

No business should have to feel they are “on the watch” for changes in their contracts and agreements.  This includes those special “1-year promos” that are deigned to take advantage of companies who get complacent and don’t audit their billing. So instead, the price rolls to the current market retail prices which is usually DOUBLE the promo rate!  Now the service provider should INFORM their customer more clearly of any changes going into effect, clearly state them and offer cost saving OPTIONS?Well, I think we can agree that this is is NEVER going to happen!

Example from frustrated Corporation Manager:

“They didn’t put us on any plan after the expiration, but after I contacted them they supposedly put us back on it and told me to only pay what we were paying prior. It was a big fiasco and has been. I was not under the impression it was only a year thing, but I will contact them and my director to see how they want to proceed if we want to stay or go with another company.”

“I did speak with them and it has taken 5 phone calls over the course of 6 months several disconnection notices that they claimed to me they were going to adjust our account. Again just the other day we received another disconnect notice and I called them on Friday and apparently they only issued us an adjustment from December forward for some reason not November when it had started, and they are saying whatever the promotion was parts are not available.” – P.C. Orinda, CA

Let’s be very clear about this:  This treatment is “vendor abuse”. Service providers have had the ability for MANY YEARS to take advantage of their Clients, and most often do. Unfortunately, that means the business has only 2 options:

  1. They can have an internal staff spend hours trying to keep up with the renewals, inventory, billing changes, audits, inspections, expired warranties, agreement promos, 3rd party charges and all the other aspects of contracting with vendors.
  2. They can entrust these services to a company that provides a fully managed vendor and supplier service which includes; proprietary software, monthly bill auditing, proactive contract management, document management, compliance notifications, increased efficiency, and maximized profits.

 The choice seems pretty darn simple, doesn’t it?

Imagine all the hours FREED up from resources not having to deal with the frustration of vendor management. Having an EXPERT auditor, contract negotiator and accounts manager creating your unique profile including analytics and visibility into all spend. Having the ability to access all documents, contracts, bills, renewals, compliances, and warranties from ONE CENTRAL LOCATION – 24/7.  That is right, even while key vendor management resources are on vacation or away from the office for any reason,  when an important contact, bill or document is needed it is easily accessible by anyone with credentials.

We understand and respect the services the efforts that internal vendor management resources provide.  But sometimes, they simply cannot dive deep into every bill or invoice and provide the most optimized approach to improving your bottom line.  Sometimes, the only way to do that is by working with cost reduction specialists who do it every single day.

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