The Key to Decreasing Resident Falls and Injuries (Part 2)

Press Release from Peak Therapy Solutions

When falls and fall injuries decrease, it is easier for communities to thrive. Peak Senior Living starts by providing regular Senior Fit Tests that identify at-risk areas within a resident population by utilizing the following clinical methodologies:

  • Frailty scale metrics
  • 4-Stage Balance Test
  • Bi-annual fall prevention screenings for the entire community

Our outpatient, outcome-based, fall prevention programs have been shown to reduce falls with major injury by 45%. Be Steady specialty therapy programs help with balance, cardiovascular functioning, mobility, muscle strength, and even cognition, to reduce the negative impacts of aging and help seniors recover after severe injuries and life-threatening illness.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Fall Prevention Program:

  • Reduce rehospitalizations
  • Improve mobility and overall quality of life
  • Help residents thrive in place longer
  • Maintain census and reduce resident turnover

Combining comprehensive therapy and wellness programs by specially-trained therapists allows for regular health assessments and balance screening for residents. This two-part strategy helps to identify at-risk residents and specific areas of improvement or decline on a person-by-person basis, and it allows for recommendations for therapy when needed. Regular Fit Tests help determine where residents are on the wellness spectrum, so they can be referred to the right program or therapy. Progress is measured and tracked for improvement or decline.

Our holistic, turn-key approach allows us to combine specialty therapy programs like fall prevention with wellness programs like Tai Chi and Aquatics, to offer assisted living facilities and senior living communities a systematic approach to improving resident health and independence. The goal is to meet seniors wherever they are on their personal wellness journey and deliver the right therapy and wellness tools at the right time, so communities can keep residents engaged and thriving in place longer.

For more information about adding a fall prevention outpatient or wellness program to your senior community, click here or call 888.531.2204.

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