Why Customized Marketing Is Essential For Assisted Living

Press Release from The Mauldin Group

Every generation has a different perspective, meaning that messaging for assisted living must adhere to the nuisances of the current generation requiring this care — Baby Boomers. Your marketing should respond to their specific needs, be sensitive to the kinds of language they prefer, and be disseminated across the channels they use most. For instance, research indicates that Facebook is dominated more by Baby Boomers and Gen X.

Assisted Living communities also need to be aware of the growing competition within the industry. As advancements in technology continue augmenting care services, facilities can promote new functions and features that give them a leg up with marketing.

Your assisted living community needs a marketing firm that can help you navigate these challenges and has a proven reputation to deliver results. At The Mauldin Group, our creative team has the knowledge and capabilities necessary to take your assisted living community from the bottom to the top. We’re a single source for the written, visual, and digital components comprising your customized marketing plan.

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