Products in the Argentum Senior Living Supplier Directory

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  • Bathroom Needs & Safety By Allman Products

    Allman Products provides excellent comfort to the elderly and disabled by offering a wide selection of high quality and American made home medical supplies. Read More
  • Bedding By Direct Supply, Inc.

    Outfit Every Room with Long-Lasting Fabrics Selected Specifically for Senior Living Choose from comfortable bedding, absorbent bath linens, elegant tablecloths and senior-specific apparel in Direct Supply’s full lineup of quality textiles. And with a wide variety of colors and styles in our... Read More
  • Bedroom Accessories By Allman Products

    Allman Products provides excellent comfort to the elderly and disabled by offering a wide selection of high quality and American made home medical supplies. Read More
  • Big Lug By American Access Inc

    The Big Lug ramp was designed to provide a full 42 inches of width in front of a doorway. Handrails are optional and provide added security for people that need a little stability transitioning through the door. Perfect for storm door or screen doors, the width of the Big Lug allows clearance... Read More
  • Braun Commercial Paratransit Vans By BraunAbility

    Whether you need one vehicle or an entire fleet, Braun offers reliable solutions to meet your organization's commercial vehicle requirements. The Braun Corporation is the leading supplier of transit vans to businesses, social organizations, and government agencies. Every day, our commercial... Read More
  • Braun Commercial Wheelchair Lift Systems By BraunAbility

    The Braun Corporation is the world leader in the mobility industry. Our wheelchair lift systems set the standard in public-use transportation for wheelchair users across the country and around the world. Whether you're looking for a lift for a single vehicle or need to outfit an entire transit... Read More
  • Braun Commercial Wheelchair Vans By BraunAbility

    The Braun Commercial Entervan is the culmination of nearly forty years experience in building personal mobility products. Style, performance, convenience and safety have been aesthetically blended to achieve a new level of refinement in a wheelchair-accessible minivan. The most striking feature... Read More
  • Bridge Lending, Debt, Equity and Advisory By Wilshire Finance Partners

    Our Assisted Living financing options include: Loan Purpose: Purchase Rate & Term Refinance Cash-Out Refinance Target: $1,000,000 minimum (Outside of California) Loan amounts up to $7,000,000 (Higher by Exception) States: Nationwide Structure: Underwriting Focus includes Sponsor Experience &... Read More
  • BrokerSpace 365 By Domain6 Inc

    A purpose-built, next generation solution for brokerage firms Empower Your People -Provide agents with a robust, mobile-enabled portal that puts data-fueled insights at their fingertips -An easy-to-use and simple user experience that looks and feels like Office Optimize Your... Read More
  • Bus Sales Guide By Absolute Bus Sales

    You will find that this Bus Sales Guide will answer your most important questions and more about buying the right buses for sale to fit your needs at the right price. Don't throw your money away, take the time to understand before you buy a bus. The following are the topics reviewed: New bus... Read More
  • Business Intelligence through PCT's primeVIEW Digital Dashboard/Data Mining Tool By Prime Care Technologies, Inc.

    The Next Generation in Business Intelligence Prime Care Technologies presents primeVIEW, an on-demand, enterprise-wide, and in-depth Executive Information System. PrimeVIEW displays vital, accurate, and actionable information in "real time" everyday. Because it seamlessly integrates data from... Read More
  • Business Model Design By Bridgeable

    Make your business more customer-centric in a changing landscape. Transform your products and services to keep up with changing customer expectations. Using design research methodologies, we work with you to identify the unmet needs of tomorrow’s customers. We collaborate with experts across... Read More