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Products in the Argentum Senior Living Supplier Directory

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  • ILA Magnifiers By Independent Living Aids, LLC

    ILA offers a wide range of LED stand and hand held magnifiers. They come with very good optics and energy efficient LED bulbs which never have to be changed. The stand magnifier range goes from 3X to 10X magnifying powers. Stand magnifiers rest flat on your reading material and always are set... Read More
  • Image and Awareness Surveys By ProMatura Group LLC

    Is your community’s reputation helping or hurting? ProMatura’s image and awareness survey will uncover what your target market really thinks of your community—and its competitors. The survey will also gauge awareness and reveal how effective your marketing efforts are. You’ll learn what to focus... Read More
  • Implementation and Support By Orange Grove Consulting

    Our consultants are experts in change. We can help you build change management processes within your implementation approach. Using research-based approaches, we help you create buy-in, understand and overcome resistance, adapt changes and foster engagement around the new ways of... Read More
  • Incontinence Products By OurCareSupplies

    When your loved ones lose control you want the best quality of senior care products for them. Find our exclusive HaloShield, odor control underpads that protect beds and adult diapers for those on-the-go. Our Care Supplies is sure to have the appropriate incontinence supplies for you. Read More
  • Incontinence Supplies By Direct Supply, Inc.

    Promote Dignity with Discreet Incontinence Supplies With a selection of comfortable and absorbent adult diapers and briefs, Direct Supply has everything you need to address incontinence in your community. In addition to popular undergarments, we also offer underpads and wash wipes that can be... Read More
  • Incorporation and LLC Creation By Accurate Accounting

    There are plenty of good reasons to incorporate or LLC your business. As more and more new businesses started to come into existence so did the incorporation service providers. Some online – without any human interaction. Some offers a ridiculously low price ! until you actually start the online... Read More
  • Industry Solutions By Pellerin Milnor Corp.

    Industry Solutions -Industrial / Linen Supply: Correctional Healthcare Hospitality Linen Supply / Food & Beverage Mat Processing / Dust Control -On-Premises Laundry: Athletic Correctional Cruise Ship Gear Guardian Health Club Healthcare Hospitality Party Rental Soft... Read More
  • Infection Control Services By Rolyn Companies, Inc.

    Correct infection control is critical to maintaining your patients’ safety, regardless of the size or scope of the renovation/construction project. Our staff undergoes continuing education in state and national regulations and standards. We will partner with your infection control practitioner... Read More
  • Infinity™ By ASI

    ASI's Infinity™ has easily integrate functional components like NoteBall, NoteBars and In-Use sliders Chassis and PresTab™ system allows designers to use diverse materials for graphics panels. Read More
  • Innovatix Group Purchasing By Innovatix, LLC

    Innovatix understands the unique needs of senior living providers. As the nation’s largest non-acute care Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), we work closely with senior living groups, associations, and individual communities to help them maximize the value of our program. Using an array... Read More
  • Installation By Furniture Solutions Group

    We put feet on the ground to make sure every piece of furniture, drapery, artwork and accessory is delivered, assembled and installed according to the drawings and specifications provided by the interior design team. Read More
  • InstaScreenTM By AmeriWide Screeners

    InstaScreenTM, our cutting-edge, cloud-based platform gives you 24/7 access for ordering, viewing, and monitoring your reports. Our platform is secure, and constantly updated to help us, and you, comply with new legislation on the national, state, and even city level. InstaScreen uses... Read More
  • Insurance and Benefits By Gallagher

    Our Senior Living insurance and consulting experts understand the unique risk challenges customers face within the broad spectrum of aging services. From insurance programs to HR and benefits programs that keep senior living facilities staffed with engaged and skilled employees, we are committed... Read More
  • Insurance Brokers By Magnolia LTC Management Services , Inc.

    Are you looking for Cost Effective, Superior Insurance Coverage for your client? Magnolia LTC Management Services (Magnolia) is the Program Manager for Continuing Care Risk Retention Group (CCRRG). CCRRG offers PL/GL insurance solutions for LTC facilities. CCRRG is a Member owned mutual... Read More
  • Integrated Crisis Communication Platform By Caremerge

    Quickly & Securely Send Critical Messages to Residents, Families & Staff The Caremerge Broadcast solution allows designated staff to quickly send a text, email or voicemail to all families, residents, and staff. Keep your community up-to-date with relevant information while providing peace of... Read More
  • Integrated Facilities Management By HHS

    Our approach to integrated facilities management is focused on extending the life of structures and equipment and meeting regulatory compliance requirements, while enhancing the curb appeal of your community. We utilize cloud-based management systems that monitor all assets within each community... Read More
  • INTEGRITY BATH SYSTEM By MasterCare Patient Equipment, Inc.

    The MasterCare Integrity tub is a versatile system that can be used for daily hygiene for nearly all levels of care at your Elder Care or Resident Care community. It is a complete bathing system for all skills levels! The MasterCare Integrity Transporter can be used as a complete hygiene chair,... Read More
  • IntelliSpace 365 By Domain6 Inc

    A purpose-built, next generation solution for residential, commercial and mixed-use property management firms Better Engage Your Tenants & Understand Your Customers -Build customer trust by giving tenants access to all of their billing, consumption and maintenance info all from one... Read More
  • Interior 20 By ASI

    Interior 20™, or I-20, is a modular interior signage system built on rails that allows the designer to stack graphic panels in almost any size and any combination to create a unique look, and at an affordable price. ADA-Ready™ graphic panels are interchangeable from one sign to another, reducing... Read More
  • Interior Design By FF&E Specialty Group

    Specialists in the senior living market, our interior design team combines knowledge of the requirements of seniors with your own stylistic preferences and guidelines. After space planning the furnishings, recommendations for furniture, fabrics, finishes, wall coverings, paint colors, flooring,... Read More
  • Interior Design Services By 4 Design, LLC

    We provide full service interior design for Senior Living Communities. 25 years of experience in listening and promoting our clients brand through design. Creating the future beyond today's norm. Read More
  • International Payroll Outsourcing By Corban OneSource

    Outsource payroll across multiple countries. --Ensure your coworkers are paid promptly, accurately and legally --Pay your employees accurately and efficiently in over 90 countries --Access all of your reporting in one streamlined system --Smart solutions tailored to the precise needs of... Read More
  • International Screening By RiskAware

    When your candidates have lived or reside outside the U.S. verifying backgrounds internationally is difficult. Foreign countries have individual standards, unique practices and technologies for maintaining records, as well as country specific laws and practices governing access to information.... Read More
  • International Searches By MyHRScreens

    MyHRScreens offers a wide variety of international searches including: * Criminal Searches * Employment Verifications * Education Verications * And Much More! Read More
  • Invacare® 9000 XT Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare 9000 XT Wheelchair is a high performance, low maintenance and low total lifetime cost product. The 9000 XT wheelchair is simply the most versatile lightweight wheelchair available from Invacare, boasting an extensive offering of frame styles, seat-to-floor heights, back styles,... Read More
  • Invacare® Dual Blue-Release™ Adult Walker By Invacare Corp.

    With the Invacare® Walker, providers, clinicians and consumers gain the stability they need at an economical price. Invacare Walkers offer a wide, deep frame with a large number of height adjustments and are offered in junior and adult sizes. The walker has a lower side brace for added stability... Read More
  • Invacare® FDX® Power Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare FDX Front-Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair features core technologies such as the Single Stage Drive (SSD) motor-gearbox combination, Invacare® MK6i™ Electronics and Invacare® G-Trac™ true-tracking technology. For superior performance both indoors and out, the FDX Wheelchair is the answer. Read More
  • Invacare® FR300™ Rollator By Invacare Corp.

    Invacare® Rollators will meet all your needs with a focus on style and affordability. These rollators feature easy-to-operate ergonomic hand brakes and easy folding for storage and transport. Invacare Rollators offer great maneuverability and stability, and are height adjustable for a custom... Read More
  • Invacare® Insignia® Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Insignia Wheelchair offers convenience and flexibility in one package. Enhanced features include height adjustable arms that convert from desk-to-full length and are removable too. An intuitive disc-in-socket, adjustable angle caster journal makes squaring up the casters a snap. The... Read More
  • Invacare® Leo® Scooter By Invacare Corp.

    The Invcare Leo Scooter offers a stable four-wheel base that provides a smooth, safe drive and handles varying surfaces with ease. Features include a full lighting package, built-in splash guards to protect the electronics and transaxle, comfortable seating that swivels and slides and flat free... Read More
  • Invacare® Lynx™ L-3 Scooter By Invacare Corp.

    The three-wheeled Invacare Lynx L-3 Scooter takes portability to a new level. The L-3 model conveniently disassembles into four compact pieces for easy transport. Pick the destination, stow it in the trunk and go...the Lynx L-3 model will do the rest! With an estimated seven-mile range, a... Read More
  • Invacare® Pronto® M41™ Power Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Pronto M41 Power Wheelchair features the latest technology in electronics and in-line motors. This combination provides increased efficiency, battery range and an increased top speed. The M41 Wheelchair also features a center wheel drive platform, simplified SureStep, and six... Read More
  • Invacare® Pronto® M51™ Power Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    All the benefits of the Invacare Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair, with the convenience of pre-configured stock. All stock models come with the following options as standard: - Charcoal Gray Vinyl, Semi-Recline Van Seat - Flat Free Tires - U1 Batteries Installed - Full Length, Adjustable Height/Width... Read More
  • Invacare® ProSPIN™ X4™ Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare ProSPIN X4 Ultralight Performance Wheelchair takes folding chairs to a whole new level. Coupled with an extremely lightweight frame, its innovative design brings the look and feel of folding wheelchairs into the new century. The X4 has plenty of integrated design features that... Read More
  • Invacare® TDX® SP Power Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare TDX SP Power Wheelchair is the first model in the next generation of TDX (Total Driving eXperience) power wheelchairs. The TDX SP takes all the best features of the TDX series and improves upon them with enhanced performance, superior ride quality, quieter chassis, and an elegantly... Read More
  • Invacare® Top End® Crossfire™ T7A Ultralight Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    In today's market, there is not a better better deployment of material technology, engineering ingenuity and performance-minded design than the new Invacare Top End Crossfire T7A Wheelchair. Employs a better, more efficient design, using the combination of a seat frame and performance frame... Read More
  • Invacare® Top End® Reveal™ Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Top End Reveal Wheelchair has it all - simple adjustments, performance AND an ultra modern minimalist design - all at an affordable price. Simple adjustments - Adjust the caster angle, center of gravity, rear seat to floor and back angle for a personalized fit. Optimized frame... Read More
  • Invacare® Torque™ 3 Power Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Torque 3 Power Wheelchair is a well appointed entry model of the 3G Storm Series appropriately positioned in Group 3. With a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds and 4 pole motors, the Torque 3 Wheelchair meets the needs of many rehab consumers. Standard with Invacare® MK6i™... Read More
  • Invacare® Tracer® EX2 Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Tracer EX2 wheelchair sets the new standard in manual wheelchairs. The Tracer EX2 wheenchair combines the design and technology of the Invacare 9000 series wheelchairs and incorporates it into the Tracer series. A true dual axle position allows for repositioning the 24" rear... Read More
  • Invacare® Transport Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare® Transport Chair is designed for safe and efficient patient transport. The Transport chair has the added advantage of sharing interchangeable parts with the other chairs in the transport series. The Transport chair is compact and lightweight. Read More
  • Invacare® Two Step Walker By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Two Step Walker is a combination single release folding walker and sit to stand assistance device. The "Two Step" walker can also be used as a toilet safety frame and has multiple height adjustment settings. Read More
  • Invacare® Veranda™ Wheelchair By Invacare Corp.

    The Invacare Veranda Wheelchair provides comfort and mobility in an economical package. Complete with front riggings packaged with the chair, the Invacare Veranda wheelchair combines style and durability at an affordable price. Available in 16", 18" and 20" with footrests and/or legrests. Read More
  • Inventory & Purchasing By MealSuite

    MealSuite allows you to download your food distributor’s order guide(s) and track products in your storage locations to calculate and report inventory levels and values. Reporting options include up-to-date inventory valuation, analysis of inventory by GL/accounting code and more. Read More
  • IRS Audit Representation By Accurate Accounting

    Have you received letter from a government agency that your return is selected for Audit? Have you received Notice of Proposed Adjustment from FTB? Determination of Audit Finding from IRS? Do you have the 90 day letter which ask you to agree with IRS or got to the Tax Court? Do have Intent to... Read More
  • Irwin Partners Architects By Irwin Partners Architects

    Irwin Partners Architects was founded in 1966. We specialize in senior housing across the United States. We work on project of all sizes, from small remodels to campus master planning. Read More
  • IT Services/Desktop Support By Edge Communications

    IT environments involve many different vendors and integrated systems. We manage all of them for you. Outsource all of your IT support or supplement your existing in-house team. REMOTE IT SUPPORT Edge will provide remote IT support to your locations 24/7. ON-SITE SUPPORT In the event a... Read More

    We provide a “One-Stop” Solution for all of your independent or assisted living residents in Home Technology Support. This ranges from Training/Education, Network Support, Home Computer Support and Smart Home Technology. We have been in business for 18 years and already work extensively with... Read More