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By Independent Living Aids, LLC

A keyboard with extra large keys with bold letters can be helpful for a person with poor eyesight or limited hand control. This keyboard features keys which are 1" x 1" and are therefore really easy to see and use. This keyboard can make it easier for a senior to access their computer. Read more »

By Percussion Play

Babel Drums are large stainless steel tongue drums that create beautiful melodies with remarkably long sustain. Securely mounted and designed for permanent outdoor installation, Babel Drums can be played with the hands and fingers or with small soft mallets. No previous drumming experience is... Read more »

By Independent Living Aids, LLC

Set of 2 paperback books each have 80 crossword puzzles in larger 14 point font, making them a great activity for people with weaker vision or shaky hands. Great for any activity center. Also available in extra large 20 point font. Read more »


Laundry and Linen Services

Our laundry and linen services starts with a thorough review of the laundering needs of your residents and community. We collaboratively manage relationships with your community’s on-site or contract linen provider to reduce linen waste and decrease expenses, all while ensuring you are... Read more »

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By Ellis Laundry Equipment

-Washers -Dryers -Boilers -Water Heaters -Coin Op. -Industrial Laundry Equipment -Wet Cleaning -Parts -Sales -Service -Consulting Read more »

By Epic Notion

Lead Generation for Senior Living

Resident acquisition fuels your bottom line and we can help drive it. With an emphasis on high-quality connections, we combine the best of brand story-telling with leading digital tactics to capture the attention of seniors and their loved ones who are making important life-care decisions. Our... Read more »

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By ClosedOpp

Lead Generation for Senior Living

At ClosedOpp, we understand that Google Ads is an investment. A lot of advertisers look at changing agencies as starting over when that is not necessarily the best thing to do. We provide Google Ads campaign audits with no commitment from you. In other words, we take your current campaign data... Read more »

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By Kaleidico

Want to bring more residents into your senior living communities? Fill your waitlists with residents generated as qualified online leads. As a senior living marketing agency, Kaleidico is your turn-key marketing department. Together we’ll transform your website and digital marketing strategies... Read more »

By Orchard Senior Marketing

Your need to drive occupancy and the intense competition for qualified leads are challenges you face every day. We know the demands of the senior living marketplace, and also understand the operational and budgetary realities of your business−marketing must deliver, in real, measurable ways, at... Read more »

By Orange Grove Consulting

Using design-thinking strategies, we lead teams through a series of workshops to identify and define organizational leadership competencies, as well as strategies for implementation. Read more »

By Orange Grove Consulting

Orange Grove provides support to leaders, either 1:1 or small group, to implement leadership changes and application/integration of new skills. Read more »

By Domain6 Inc

A purpose-built, next generation solution for property owners/operators and management firms Better Engage & Understand Your Tenants -Build customer trust and deliver transparency by giving tenants access to all of their lease, billing & consumption information -Enable tenants to make important... Read more »

By AmpliVox Sound Systems

Make a good first impression and start your presentation off right by standing behind an elegant lectern with a professional look. Podiums and lecterns help speakers stay organized and reach audiences effectively. A great addition to any church, stage or classroom, our lecterns have ample room... Read more »

By Pike

Preconstruction and construction management services for Legacy Pointe at UCF, a full continuing care retirement community (CCRC) in Orlando, Florida. This CCRC consists of a 210,00 SF, 5-story, independent living building that contains 142 fully customized units. The commons area and trellis... Read more »

By Pacific Western Bank

CapitalSource offers 10 non-commodity lending products to meet the unique needs of small and middle market businesses. Our expert lending professionals, combined with our fully diversified national loan platform and end-to-end control of the lending process, allow us to offer our clients... Read more »

By Medic Air Solutions

LEVEL 3 LIBERTY SURGICAL STYLE MASK Medic Air masks are intended to be worn over the mouth and nose in public places, and protect from transfer of microorganisms, body fluids and particulate material transfer. Latex free. Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Features a BFE @ 3.0 μm large Bacteria ≥... Read more »

By Softrim

Life Safety

One of your main priorities is keeping your residents safe. Our specialists in E-Call, Electronic Door Locks, Surveillance Cameras, Wander Management, Real-Time Location, and Public Safety Radio signals can design, install, and train you on the tools you need. We’re trained and certified in... Read more »

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By BCI Networks

Patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable senior care home. A wireless nurse call system is a scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated communications and alarm management system that improves patient/resident satisfaction, caregiver morale and the company’s... Read more »

By Direct Supply, Inc.

Promote Safety with Reliable Lifts and Transfer Aids Enhance resident and staff safety with devices designed for every kind of lift and transfer scenario. Browse our selection to find sturdy floor lifts, sit-to-stand lifts and ceiling lifts, as well as a full selection of slings to fit every... Read more »

By SPI Lighting

An innovative solution for today’s lighting challenges, Lightruss is a series of indirect performance lighting modules in a continuous row system. It delivers the appropriate illumination for even the most unusual and demanding applications. Transition modules allow the truss system to flow... Read more »

By ZNest

You can add as many photos as you want, write a description of your community, include names and headshots of your staff, integrate virtual tours, and add details of your community policies. You can use ZNest as your own website! Choose from a basic free listing, or one of our paid... Read more »

By ZNest

You can add as many photos as you want, write a description of your community, include names and headshots of your staff, integrate virtual tours, and add details of your community policies. You can use ZNest as your own website! Choose from a basic free listing, or one of our paid... Read more »

By Fair Housing Institute

The Fair Housing Institute can provide live training solutions for your company or organization to be presented by one of our expert fair housing attorneys. This training can be customized to address problem topics in your type of housing, areas of confusion, or updates for any recent changes... Read more »

By CarePredict

Know where your staff and residents are in real-time and get historical location insights. CarePredict’s RTLS facilitates faster response times, improved care coordination, and fair workforce distribution. Geofence alerts provide an added safety measure against wandering and elopement risks in... Read more »

By Yardi Systems Inc

Long Term Care

Complete patient health assessments accurately and on time. Reduce manual data entry, meet compliance obligations and optimize resident care by automating the RAI MDS assessment process. Connect Long Term Care with all facets of your senior living operations to reduce costs, increase revenue... Read more »

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By DiningRD

2020 Edition updated to CMS Final Rule with 2017 Food Code and new infection control procedures. An excellent resource to guide the Dining Service staff in a long term care community to meet state and federal regulations for Dining Services; Provide an exceptional dining experience for... Read more »

By Terra Nova Films Inc

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or dementia calls for more than basic protection and physical care. Dementia With Dignity is a one hour training video, geared to both professional and family caregivers, which shows that quality of life can be greatly enhanced for persons with dementia when... Read more »

By Terra Nova Films Inc

This training program explains what abuse is, distinguishes types of abuse—from obvious to subtle, and identifies resident and facility risk factors that may increase likelihood of abuse. It explores why residents often refuse to report abuse, outlines how to help caregivers manage stress to... Read more »

By Dietitians On Demand

Long-term Care Training Kit for Dietitians

This free collection of resources is perfect for new dietitians or those new to the long-term care setting. Designed by long-term care expert, Courtney Lee, MS, RDN, CDN, CLT, CFCS, this toolkit contains everything you need to prepare yourself to work in long-term care so that you're successful... Read more »

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By Care-Tech Laboratories Inc

Gentle, moisturizing skin cleanser formulated for aging skin cells. Complete body wash for full body bathing and shampooing. Contains no harsh detergents, fillers, linear alcohols, or sodium chloride which dry skin and can cause premature aging of the dermis. Loving Lather softens and... Read more »

By Frontrunner Bus Group

Low Floor Frontrunner® 15 Passengers

The movement away from multiple steps and wheelchair lifts is leading senior living facilities to recognize the value of true low floor for senior’s daily transportation. Read more »

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By Frontrunner Bus Group

Low Floor Frontrunner® Flexible Seating

Frontrunner ® is new level innovation, known for its tested and proven industry disrupting, low floor design and lightweight modular technology. We defy cutaway bus norms by continuously challenging design, functionality, and construction, setting the pace with unrivaled value, convenience,... Read more »

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By Frontrunner Bus Group

Low Floor Frontrunner® Senior Living Transportation

For those discerning customers that demand that transportation is not just a commodity, The Low Floor Frontrunner redefines Senior Living Transportation. For those who can’t or refuse to negotiate steps or bear the indignity of riding on a wheelchair lift, the low floor Frontrunner mini-bus... Read more »

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By LTC Consulting Services

LTC Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

When you choose LTC Ally as your revenue cycle management (RCM) partner, you gain access to a team of professionals who work tirelessly to transform your revenue cycle, providing comprehensive support for your back office processes. We ensure your facilities’ revenue cycle is operating as... Read more »

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