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Products in the Argentum Senior Living Supplier Directory

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  • Magnolia Analysis Risk System (MARS) By Magnolia LTC Management Services , Inc.

    MARS provides long-term care providers with a better way to manage risk. It's the ultimate one-stop risk management platform, offering an effective way to deliver tools and resources to member / insured facilities. Experience proactive risk management —fortified with industry expertise and... Read More
  • Majestic Phthalate Free Sheet Vinyl By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    Beauty and performance are combined in this collection of phthalate free realistic wood grain commercial sheet patterns. Ceramic bead infused urethane finish contributes to industry leading durability and ease of maintenance. Read More
  • Managed IT Services By Softrim

    We offer complete expertise in IT, with specialists ready to assist you with setting up and supporting computers, Wi-Fi, cloud systems, and cybersecurity. Our Managed Services helpdesk is staffed 24/7 to ensure that your nurses have access to med-pass and your managers have access to... Read More
  • MANAGEMENT SERVICES By Health Dimensions Group

    Health Dimensions Group (HDG) provides full-service, start-up, and turnaround management services for post-acute care, long-term care, and senior living communities. Our management services are based on proven operating methods, and our consultants and executive directors have extensive training... Read More
  • MapDrill By MapDrill

    Evaluate prospective building sites and get complete reports in minutes -Primary Market Area -Authoritative Content -Demographics -Penetration Rate Analysis Read More
  • Market Analysis By LeadingResponse

    LeadingResponse uses reporting and analytics to maximize campaign effectiveness. And we don’t just generate leads. We also track performance from initial targeting to setting the appointment. CAMPAIGN ANALYSIS We optimize every step of the client acquisition funnel. This way, we make sure we... Read More
  • Market Research By ProMatura Group LLC

    When you know what people want, you can build what people want. At ProMatura, we provide developers the in-depth, custom-researched, statistically valid data they need to launch their new communities with confidence. We specialize in market research for age-qualified housing (a.k.a. seniors... Read More
  • Marketing Automation By Attane

    Meet the demands of today’s information-seeking consumer. Nurture and guide your leads with marketing automation solutions that effortlessly deliver the right content at the right time, right to their fingertips. Be present at the critical junctures in the buyer’s journey. Match the unique... Read More
  • Marketing Services By Bild & Company

    Bild & Company is an expert in the senior living and senior housing industry, has decades of experience in sales and marketing and uses current research and trends when selling to seniors and their adult children. We focus on the emotional side of selling to transform the way seniors housing is... Read More
  • Master Planning By RLPS Architects

    Whether a feasibility study, facility evaluation or strategic master plan, our integrated approach is based on a thorough understanding of the issues shaping optimal building organization and development through new construction and/or additions and renovations. We understand that effective... Read More
  • MD5 Micro Remote Life Safety By Nōtus Solutions

    The Micro (Mobile Device 5) is a powerful solution in a tiny size, this true all-in-one personal emergency response system offers industry favorites such as integrated fall detection, water resistance, GPS location, two way voice assistance and long lasting battery. Read More
  • Meal Lifter™ plate base By Meal Lifter

    Meal Lifter™ is made of durable molded polypropylene that is dishwasher safe. The eating aid measures 4.25“ high by 10.5” wide at its base and weighs approximately 3/4 lbs. To use Meal Lifter™ simply rest a 9” plate (Meal Lifter™ plate recommended, sold separately) at the top of the aid to... Read More
  • Meal Lifter™ plate base with 9" White Plate By Meal Lifter

    Meal Lifter™ is made of durable molded polypropylene that is dishwasher safe. The eating aid measures 4.25“ high by 10.5” wide at its base and weighs approximately 3/4 lbs. Our 9” round ceramic plate is designed to fit the Meal Lifter™ perfectly. The weight of the plate allows it to rest... Read More
  • Meal Service By MealSuite

    Meal service is an important daily event whether it occurs in a resident’s room or in one of your dining venues. MealSuite supports non-select, advance select (up to 7 days), select, table-side and even in-room dining. Independant residents can order their food quickly while residents who need... Read More
  • Medi Grip Magnifying Pill Bottle Opener By Independent Living Aids, LLC

    The Med-Grip is designed to ease the struggle of opening medication and vitamin bottles. Made of ultra-soft easy grip material, the Medi-Grip also has a 4X built-in magnifier to aide in reading prescription bottles. The unique design of grooves and notches marry up to the most common... Read More
  • Media Rooms By Aufderworld Corp

    Similar to movie theaters, media rooms can also be customized for certain activities. However, media rooms are designed to fulfill multiple purposes. These spaces are designed to play host to events like watch parties, game nights, and more. Read More
  • Medic Air Checkpoint By Medic Air Solutions

    Medic Air Checkpoint was designed with business owners and operators in mind. Devices strategically placed at facility entry points are capable of data recognition and body temperature assessment. Checkpoint is equipped with biometric object recognition software which may be set to identify... Read More
  • Medical Bed Supplies By OurCareSupplies

    Our Care Supplies carries the highest quality in medical bed supplies including bedspreads, mattress covers, sheets, and pillowcases. If you are looking for a way to keep your loved ones safe and warm, and free from bed bugs. Read More
  • Medical Supplies By OurCareSupplies

    Find all of the high-quality home medical supplies you need for senior care in one place. Discover products like precise digital monitors to wound care kits. Read More
  • Medication Management Program By Partners Pharmacy

    Partners Pharmacy provides a variety of Medication Management solutions which include a systematic review for high-cost medications to determine appropriateness of therapy and opportunities for cost containment, and our comprehensive pharmacy services which provide state-of-the-art technology... Read More
  • Medismart By Daniels Health

    The first clinically-engineered bagless medical waste disposal container designed to eliminate hand-contact and "touches" supported by a high-level decontamination washing process 4 times higher than CDC requirements. The lack of infection control products and processes in the healthcare waste... Read More
  • Mediterranean Series By Kenyon International, Inc.

    From the finest yacht galleys to your home, Kenyon Mediterranean Series ceramic glass cooktops are the latest wave in cooktop design. Introducing the Mediterranean, a veritable sea of features with stylish muted graphics. Subtly textured black surface, beveled edge ceramic glass, durable, and... Read More
  • Memory Boxes By Contract Picture Framers

    For patients with Dementia or Alzheimer’s, it can often be difficult for them to remember not only more recent events, but their past in regards to things like family and places they’ve been. Having a Memory Box can help those patients recall their past by filling it with memorabilia and photos... Read More
  • Memory Boxes By Contract Picture Framers

    Memory care is one of the most intimate elements in our line of work. With well rounded knowledge in evidence-based design and years of experience we are confident our Memory Boxes will not only serve their intention but last for years to come. Of course, these products serve great purposes for... Read More
  • Men's Dignity Pajamas By Dignity Pajamas

    Mens adaptive pajamas Luxury Cotton sleepwear/nightgown with an open back velcro closure. Luxury Cotton sleepwear/nightgown for men. Great for at home care, nursing home, hospital wear, elderly, hospice or rehab. Read More
  • Menu Services and Solutions By Carolina Nutrition Consultants

    Our team of Registered Dietitians, Certified Dietary Managers and Culinary Experts that combine expertise and talents to support the healthcare and restaurant industry. Healthcare menu solutions provide pleasure to residents and consumers while also meeting regulations and budgets. Our Menu... Read More
  • Messenger Interior™ By ASI

    ASI's Messenger Interior’s pure, slim-line, flat-face panels complement the widest range of architectural styles. The system is precision engineered using the most advanced production technologies to create a contemporary appearance that is easily adaptable in rapidly changing environments.... Read More
  • Metal and Acrylic Printing By Contract Picture Framers

    Sometimes paper prints just don’t give that pop or flair you’re looking for. Our Metal and Acrylic Printing makes colors more vibrant and luminous. This will bring a sleek, modern look while doubling as a durable product, not easily blemished or tampered by foreign substances. Cleaning and... Read More
  • MF3837LBF34CD By Clarion Bathware

    38" (40 1/2" Overall) ADA-Compliant Transfer Shower w/ Return Flange & 3/4“ Threshold Read More
  • MF8841LBF34 By Clarion Bathware

    38" (40" Overall) ADA-Compliant Transfer Shower w/Return Flange & 3/4" Threshold Read More
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 By Domain6 Inc

    The next generation of business applications Dynamics 365 combines customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning capabilities into applications that work together effortlessly across finance and operations, sales, customer service, field service, and talent. Read More
  • MicroVision 400Z By Systems Technologies

    MicroVision 400Z is a small self-contained console that simply plugs in to any electrical outlet and receives wireless transmissions from all transmitter devices in the coverage area whether a single building or a multi-building complex. Use personal pendants, wandering patient door... Read More
  • MicroVision Wireless Emergency Call Systems By Systems Technologies

    The MicroVision 200Z® supports up to 48 wireless emergency call stations, pendants, stations or devices and is widely used in assisted living and senior independent living as well as clinics and hospitals. Resident units can be equipped with wireless flush mounted pull, push button or bedside... Read More
  • Model 20/80-C Concentrate Disinfectant By The HUBSCRUB Company

    Concentrate disinfectants are mixed with water. Each type of disinfectant has a dilution ratio that is required to be effective for eliminating specific pathogens. For example, if the disinfectant has a dilution ratio of 1 to 16. The first number is 1 part chemical to 16 parts of water. You will... Read More
  • MODEL 20/80-R Ready To Use (RTU) Disinfection By The HUBSCRUB Company

    RTU disinfectants are very common because they are ready to use and do not require a dilution with water. While there are no dilution ratios, RTU disinfectants still have a required contact or dwell time. Generally, the contact time is 5 minutes or less. RTU disinfectants will have higher claims... Read More
  • MODEL 20-80-UV (Ultra-Violet) Disinfection By The HUBSCRUB Company

    The UV model has four (4) UV lamps. Two UV lamps are positioned inside the wash chamber at the top on both sides pointed down onto equipment. Two additional UV lamps are located in the back facing the front of equipment. These positions were determined for the best high touch areas of... Read More
  • Model 900R Bariatric Recliner By ConvaQuip

    This all purpose chair is designed for larger individuals with a weight capacity up to 850 lbs. Care assistant can recline chair with the gas assist mechanism located on back of chair. Release bar also doubles as a push bar. Front casters swivel and lock. Rear casters lock, but do not swivel. Read More
  • Model Apartment Design By Model55

    Discover thoughtfully curated design that’s investment-conscious and timeline-friendly. From initial inquiry through white-glove delivery, the Model55 team will create beautiful model apartments that are customized to suit the needs of your multifamily residents. Start your turn-key experience... Read More
  • Modena Planters By T2 Site Amenities

    This Modern round planter features a sloped top offering a bold twist to a contemporary design. The grooved texture adds a touch of artistic flair making this a stunning planter that delivers the right amount of style to your space.  Commercial grade thickness for added strength  Textured... Read More
  • Mold Remediation By Apartment Restorers, LLC

    Free Visual Evaluation Mold Examination and Lab Testing Mold Remediation Post Mold Damage Repair Air & Surface quality testing Mold contamination continues to be a major news topic. Although mold and mold spores are a common component in households and workplaces, but they are a health hazard... Read More
  • Motor Vehicle Reports By MyHRScreens

    Make sure your drivers are safe and meet your insurance requirements. MyHRScreens will confirm the candidate's license status, traffic violation history, and much more. Let MyHRScreens help you make sure your drivers don't put you at risk and increase your insurance premiums. Read More
  • Move-N Billing & Accounts Receivable Software By Move-N Software Inc

    Accounts Receivable Software for Assisted Living, Retirement and Memory Care communities, designed for senior housing providers. All recurring monthly items are billed in advance, and ancillary charges are billed in arrears. Pro-rations are calculated automatically so you capture more... Read More
  • Move-N Marketing Software By Move-N Software Inc

    Assisted Living, Retirement Living, Memory Care, CCRC, Skilled Nursing and all senior living providers use Move-N Marketing Software. Track leads and referral trends, manage referral source contacts and information, generate marketing analysis,and more. Move-N Marketing Software is designed... Read More
  • Move-N Resident Care Software By Move-N Software Inc

    Assisted living software for assessments, care plans, task sheets, and staff planning. Create assessments and care plans, cost of care and staffing needs analysis,and identify cost creep. Simple and easy to use, Move-N Resident Care Software also captures information on incidents and exceptions... Read More
  • Movie Theaters By Aufderworld Corp

    We can customize empty rooms in your commercial building to resemble movie theaters. We install custom projectors, lighting systems, audio systems, and more. Movie theaters are an excellent way to provide your residents with a quiet space to relax. Read More
  • MP6333BF34 By Clarion Bathware

    63" ADA-Compliant Roll-in Shower w/ 3/4" Threshold Read More
  • MP6538BF34 By Clarion Bathware

    63" (65" overall) ADA-Compliant Barrier-Free Shower w/ 3/4" Threshold and Return Flange Read More
  • MP8836BF34CD By Clarion Bathware

    48" Barrier-Free Tiled Shower w/ 3/4" Threshold Read More
  • MP8851BF34 By Clarion Bathware

    48" (50" Overall) Tiled Barrier-Free Shower w/Return Flange & 3/4" Threshold Read More