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  • Software Applications By Softrim

    Software should assist and guide a community through healthcare compliance, standardization, reporting requirements, increases in productivity, and financial objectives. Everyone in the industry wants interconnected systems that share data to increase efficiency, accuracy, and outcomes. We... Read More
  • SafelyYou By SafelyYou

    The SafelyYou® system is composed of 3 elements which together extend your ability to provide person-centered memory care, enabling interventions that meet the needs of each individual resident. SafelyYou–Guardian™ SafelyYou-Guardian™ is our artificial intelligence hub that is installed at the... Read More
  • SAGE Solutions By SAGE Integration

    SAGE Integration brings together all of your security and risk management needs into one central place. The list below provides an overview of some of our most popular solutions and project implementations—our enterprise clients have come to depend on our tailored solutions services for their... Read More
  • Sales Audits By ProMatura Group LLC

    Is occupancy is down and you want to know why? ProMatura’s comprehensive sales audits can clearly identify the problems, so you don’t waste time or money on trial and error. We evaluate multiple facets, including marketing, sales, administration, and employees. You’ll learn exactly where to... Read More
  • Sanitization Stations By Mega Manufacturing Inc.

    Sanitization Stations Reduce the Risk of Spreading Germs and Viruses At Your Events Read More
  • Satisfaction Surveys By ProMatura Group LLC

    Traditional satisfaction surveys simply ask how satisfied residents are. And most of the time, residents say they’re satisfied. That’s not necessarily because they are. It’s because they want to be nice. For our in-depth quality-improvement surveys, instead of a satisfaction scale, we use... Read More
  • ScheduleAnywhere By Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

    Manage your employees' work schedules via the Internet. ScheduleAnywhere uses state-of-the-art software technology that's proven to make employee scheduling simple and painless. ScheduleAnywhere makes it possible to schedule your employees from any computer with an Internet browser, giving you... Read More
  • SchedulePop for Healthcare By SchedulePop

    SchedulePop for Healthcare is a full-featured workforce management solution specifically built for the rigors of healthcare staff scheduling. The software is easy to use, it delivers immediate R.O.I., and it brings sanity, clarity, and predictability to complex scheduling environments like... Read More
  • Schindler 3300 By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    From its distinctive aesthetic options to its machine room-less configuration, the Schindler 3300 has already proven itself around the world as the smartest choice for low- to mid-rise commercial and residential buildings. Smart Easy to order. Accelerated lead times. Quick to install. And a... Read More
  • Schindler 330A™ Hydraulic Elevator System By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The innovative Schindler 330A™ elevator system offers an eco-friendly holeless design that completely eliminates the inconvenience of drilling a jackhole. Its unique design features make it a smarter, more efficient solution for a wide range of low-rise buildings. The Schindler 330A system... Read More
  • Schindler 400A® Traction Elevator System By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The streamlined Schindler 400A® traction elevator system features advanced machine room less design that can be combined with revolutionary Schindler ID® destination dispatch technology. Its smaller footprint takes up much less of your valuable building space. Its unique design shortens... Read More
  • Schindler 500A™ Traction Elevator System By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The Schindler 500A™ elevator system offers traction solutions ideal for both mid- and high-rise applications. The innovative system provides the performance of a customized elevator with the value you have come to expect from Schindler. The Schindler 500A is available in standard configurations... Read More
  • Schindler 7000 High-Rise Elevator By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    Schindler 7000 is Schindler's top-of-the-range elevator system for all high-rise markets worldwide. Leading-edge technologies are used in all components for the ultimate in elevator performance. Read More
  • Schindler 9300® Advanced Edition By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    The Schindler 9300® Advanced Edition escalator delivers exceptional performance, reliability and safety for all commercial applications with unprecedented color and design choices. Schindler 9300 AE escalators are noted for their durability and exceptionally smooth, long-running performance. Read More
  • Schindler 9500® Moving Walks By Schindler Elevator Corp.

    You will find Schindler moving walks in some of the world's busiest airports, exhibition halls, subway systems and shopping complexes. Schindler 9500® moving walks combine comfort with safe, rapid, horizontal and inclined transportation and are ideal for use wherever the elimination of long... Read More
  • School Activity Busses By IC Bus

    IC Bus™ is the leader in the school bus industry for two simple reasons: We build the best buses and support them every step of the way. Read More
  • School Buses By Factory Direct Bus Sales

    For more than 50 years, Collins has been the trusted name among bus companies. We’ve been there for most every journey, and it’s because we deliver the strongest, safest engineering, alongside the most innovative and flexible bus models. It's for these reasons that our decades-old bus company... Read More
  • School Route Buses By IC Bus

    IC Bus™ is the leader in the school bus industry for two simple reasons: We build the best buses and support them every step of the way. Read More
  • Scooters By MobilityWorks

    When choosing the best Scooter to fit your needs there are a few things you should consider: Indoor Maneuverability, Indoor & Outdoor Versatility, Outdoor Capabilities, Increased Weight Capacity, Easy Portability, Maximum Outdoor Performace & Speed. We can help you achieve the perfect scooter... Read More
  • Secure Family Portal By Family CareSpace

    The Secure Family Portal is designed with the purpose to foster an active engagement by everyone involved with the senior. By bringing the power of social media to elder care, the portal ensures that families stay connected to the loved ones regardless of the physical distances between... Read More
  • Secure Family Portal (Community Platform) By Family CareSpace

    The Secure Family Portal is designed with the purpose to foster an active engagement by everyone involved with the senior. By bringing the power of social media to elder care, the portal ensures that families stay connected to the loved ones regardless of the physical distances between... Read More
  • Select Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    The TAJ Select collection offers affordability without tradeoffs. High style, high performance 3mm LVT with an impressive number of designs in this value oriented product construction that will meet the majority of budgetary challenges. Read More
  • Senior Care Tablet By In-Touch Tablets

    * Seniors can enjoy all of their favorite board and card games and refresh their cognitive skills with more than 100 enjoyable brain exercising, dexterity and memory enhancement games. * Perfect for Hospitals and Long-Term Care Facilities to fill in long hours of downtime and recovery. *... Read More
  • Senior Gamer Tablet By In-Touch Tablets

    * Seniors can enjoy all of their favorite board and card games and refresh their cognitive skills with more than 100 enjoyable brain exercising, dexterity and memory enhancement games. * Perfect as a complimentary device to a smart phone - Especially if there is no current Wi-Fi installed at... Read More
  • Senior Housing Sales School By Bild & Company

    ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE THIS YEAR? The secret isn’t a secret anymore! The leading growth in the Senior Housing Industry comes from working with BILD & Company! Our portfolio grew 9.3% while the rest of the industry decreased 2% from 2008-2012! The Annual BILD Senior... Read More
  • Senior IQ By Yardi Systems Inc

    Uncover the insights you need to drive growth in your communities with business intelligence software designed for senior living providers. Part of Yardi Elevate for senior. Connect business intelligence with all facets of your senior living operations to reduce costs, increase revenue and... Read More
  • Senior Living EHR By Caremerge

    Improve Compliance and Care Team Efficiency with Caremerge’s Senior Living EHR Utilize a Solution Built for Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities that Caters to Your Care Team’s Specific Needs. Empower Your Caregivers To Provide a Better Level of Care: Give your care team the ability... Read More
  • Senior Living eMAR By Caremerge

    Securely Administer Medication to your Residents with the Caremerge Senior Living eMAR. Drive Compliance. Improve Efficiency. Secure Patient Safety. Train and Retain Talented Caregivers with a Simple and Intuitive Point of Care App. We help your caregivers succeed in their jobs with smart... Read More
  • Senior Transports By Midwest Transit Equipment

    Today, millions of Americans are living in continuing care facilities. Improving the quality of life for these individuals requires dependable senior transportation. With over 30 years in the bus sales and service industry, Midwest Transit Equipment is the answer for all of your senior... Read More
  • Seniors Express Congregate Dining By Ride Express

    Schedule congregate dining reservations, generate kitchen orders and rosters, track walk-ins, create group events. Cost effective and very easy to learn and use. Integrates with Ride Express Transportation scheduling. Read More
  • Serenity Engage By Serenity Engage

    Make life easier with secure group messaging for families and staff. Serenity Engage is a HIPAA-compliant communication platform for senior care. We bring senior living staff, elder care providers and family together on a single platform. When care teams and family work together, our seniors... Read More
  • Services By Think Anew

    WHAT WE DO Managed IT Services Data Services Business Communications Managed Wireless Security & Compliance Disaster Preparedness Field Services Hardware Services Application Development Read More
  • Services for Assisted Living By CENSON Health

    Staffing is generally the biggest cost, and headache generator for an Assisted Living facility. While we can’t take away all the problems – we can help to reduce your costs, provide backup staff, assist with training of your frontline staff – get you ready for the ‘new normal’. Using our State... Read More
  • Sharpsmart By Daniels Health

    The first reusable sharps waste containment system to actively protect against needlestick injuries and infection risk while dramatically reducing environmental burden. The Sharpsmart is recognized in global medical journals as being the safest sharps container in the world. Daniels Sharpsmart,... Read More
  • Signage By Direct Supply, Inc.

    Get Residents’ Attention with Attractive Signage Discover appealing signage that coordinates with your community’s design while providing valuable information to residents and guests. Browse an array of wayfinding signs that seamlessly match with any décor. Sign parts and accessories help... Read More
  • Signature Programs By The Hearth Management

    HELPING YOU LIVE MORE EACH DAY Hearth Management has developed three exclusive programs dedicated to holistic wellness and serving the needs of our residents. Based on decades of research, data, and experience, these signature programs represent the gold standard of care for seniors of all ages... Read More
  • SIP Trunking By Edge Communications

    Edge's secure, reliable SIP Trunking is delivered via our state-of-the-art network with industry-leading features. No other carrier approaches Edge's extremely high levels of quality service and support. EXPERTLY SUPPORTED -24x7 monitoring, management, and support by the Edge Network Operations... Read More
  • Skilled Nursing By Yardi Systems Inc

    Deliver and document the highest quality of care. Lighten workloads, maintain compliance and maximize time spent with residents through a simple yet comprehensive solution for skilled nursing providers. Connect skilled nursing with all facets of your senior living operations to reduce costs,... Read More
  • Skilled Nursing Systems By Softrim

    Care settings with higher acuity, decreased mobility, reduced cognitive ability residents require additional attention to healthcare compliance, strict menu management, security and life safety; while maintaining privacy and dignity for each individual. We understand the unique technology... Read More
  • Skyway By Allbridge

    Robust System Management & Reporting at Your Fingertips Skyway is the industry’s most powerful service portal developed by Allbridge. The data management platform was engineered to work with any CRM or PMS interface, and can be tailored for any brand or flag. This web-based administrative tool... Read More
  • SMARTcare COVID-19 Toolset By SMARTcare Software, Inc.

    SMARTcare’s COVID19 Surveillance Toolset SMARTcare’s COVID-19 Surveillance Toolset can easily be enabled with a “one click” turning on a full COVID-19 surveillance toolset for home care providers. The toolset enables functionality to monitor, manage exposure risk, and improve safety across the... Read More
  • Software for Assisted Living By CENSON Health

    CENSON® Telemonitoring Solutions We offer top of the line and unique telemonitoring solutions with the CENSON® web portal and tablet app. Provide 24/7 resident monitoring using the latest wearables and increase your facilities revenues. The CENSON® solution comes pre-configured and ready to run... Read More
  • Sound Masking By Aufderworld Corp

    At Aufderworld, we can install sound masking systems to block out excessive noise and give your residents the peace and quiet they crave. These systems emanate white noise, which reverberates through the room or hallway, creating a peaceful sound that overrides distractions. Read More
  • SP6231BF34 By Clarion Bathware

    62" x 32" ADA-Compliant Shower Base w/ 3/4" Threshold Read More
  • Specialty Room Furniture By Direct Supply, Inc.

    Find Everything You Need to Outfit Your Specialty Rooms and Activity Spaces Create dynamic specialty rooms and engaging activity spaces with our wide range of modern furnishings. Outfit your multipurpose spaces, including meeting rooms, offices or classrooms, with a wide variety of guest... Read More
  • Spectrum Luxury Vinyl Planks and Tiles By TAJ Flooring, Inc.

    TAJ Spectrum Collection is focused on delivering a variety of color and bold patterns to the TAJ product offering. Multiple size options in many of the products provide design possibilities in varied end use applications. Read More
  • Speech Therapy By Trinity Rehabilitation Services Inc

    Speech Therapy is primarily concerned with improving or restoring the ability to communicate and stay nourished. Speech Language Pathologists perform specialized evaluations related to speech, language, hearing, and swallowing to determine the best treatment approach for the person they are... Read More
  • Spellman Brady & Company By Spellman Brady & Company

    Spellman Brady & Company is an award-winning St. Louis–based interior design firm specializing in senior living, healthcare, and higher education environments. The firm maintains design excellence by delivering comprehensive interior design, furniture, artwork master planning, and procurement... Read More
  • St. Croix Tall By T2 Site Amenities

    Simple clean lines equally at home in traditional or contemporary designs. Matching planters available for a coordinated look. For interior or exterior use. Over 50 colors/finishes. Made in the USA. Read More
  • Staff and Leadership Assessments - Healthcare Behavioral Assessment Software By HealthcareSource

    Staff Assessment Behavioral Science-Based Assessments Hire for fit and improve new hire retention Conduct effective structured interviews Leadership Assessment Behavioral Science-Based Assessments Identify top performing leaders in your organization Evaluate critical healthcare leadership... Read More
  • Staff Files By Atlas Business Solutions, Inc. (ABS)

    Staff Files® HR software is an easy and affordable way to manage employee information. Download the free demo to learn how you can store, track, retrieve, and safeguard benefit information, vacation and time-off accruals, training records, wage rates, performance evaluations, and much more.... Read More
  • Standard Kiosk Solutions for Senior Living Facilities By Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. - Senior Living

    Self-service kiosks perform a variety of functions to streamline operations, offering advantages for staff, residents, and guests of senior living facilities. Use cases include wayfinding, telemedicine, guest check-in, remote patient monitoring, and much more to offer convenience and... Read More
  • Stay Active By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Active is a remote health monitoring solutions that uses an array of battery-powered infrared smart sensors to monitor activity around a home and a radio frequency ultra-wideband radar to provide fall detection in the bathroom. The device in the bathroom has a built-in phone to... Read More
  • Stay Connected By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Connected is a remote health monitoring solution designed to monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Pre-synchronized devices are used to check for any change of condition in body temperature, blood pressure and blood Oxygen levels. Readings are automatically uploaded to a dashboard via Bluetooth... Read More
  • Stay Healthy By Stay Smart Care by TekTone

    Stay Healthy is a comprehensive Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution provides users with the health information that they need from the safety of wherever they call home. Stay Healthy combines innovative technology with world class health services. Daily blood pressure, pulse, oxygen,... Read More
  • Stella TWO LED Task Lamp By AdaptiVision

    The Stella LED Task Light puts you in the driver’s seat, with total control over the light color, brightness, and direction. Especially important for low vision users, Stella’s tri-spectrum technology caters to user preference for a warm spectrum, natural white, or a cool white light.... Read More
  • Strategic Foresight And Innovation By Bridgeable

    Anticipate future scenarios and align stakeholders around shared innovation strategies. Visualize all the external factors that may affect your business in the future. Using a range of tools and tactics—such as mapping future scenarios in co-creative events and conducting environmental... Read More
  • Strategy and Planning By Orange Grove Consulting

    Our unique approach to building strategic inclusion programs offers leaders a process to create specific and concise strategic goals unique to the organization. Using a design thinking process, we expertly facilitate your stakeholder team to clearly define the parameters of your inclusive... Read More
  • STRATEGY SERVICES By Health Dimensions Group

    As you manage the constant changes to policy, payment, and care delivery, it is important to focus on strategies that set the stage for your future success. An effective strategic plan is visionary, innovative, clear, and actionable. It takes into account the changing economic, demographic,... Read More
  • Sunrise at Devil's Bridge, Arizona Wall Art By McClean Photography LLC

    Large wall art available in acrylic, wood, canvas or metal for any space. Read More
  • Surface Mounted Memory Boxes By Assisted Living Memory Boxes

    Surface Mounted Memory Boxes for Assisted Living Facilities: Dementia or Alzheimer's patients need consistancy and visual reminders of the past. These quality, handcrafted memory boxes are beautifully designed solutions for existing memory care facilities. We have multi-resident boxes, locking... Read More
  • Surgismart By Daniels Health

    The first Sharps container designed for the Operating Room! Mobile for point of use disposal, the containers' large aperture design enables safe unrestricted disposal of laparoscopic sharps and devices during surgical procedures. The lack of safety and infection control products and processes... Read More
  • Survey Readiness Analysis By RKL LLP

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in November 2016 started phasing in changes to long-standing regulations and requirements impacting long-term care facilities and their eligibility for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. As waves of changes continue to unfold,... Read More
  • Sustainable Design By RLPS Architects

    RLPS works with our clients to integrate cost-efficient, sustainable design strategies into every project. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council with a number of LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED-AP) on staff, we can realistically define considerations for energy efficiency, healthy... Read More