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  • Tackless and Ribbon Bulletin Boards By Contract Picture Framers

    Are you looking for a board to post messages and information for employees and or clients but need it to be safety conscious? Using a Tackless Ribbon Board will give you exactly what you need! Having a board of this style removes the need for thumb tacks or push pins. And no more having to dig... Read More
  • Talon Adjustable Height Desks By Talon

    Adjustable Desks Built for Health Did you know that sitting for prolonged periods of time has been shown to be detrimental to health? Weight gain, circulation problems, heart issues and even depression have been linked to continual sitting. Unfortunately, many healthcare workers are tied to... Read More
  • Talon MedCab By Talon

    Medication and Medical Supply Cabinets We understand one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why Talon manufactures a complete line of durable medication and medical supply cabinets designed to function seamlessly within and optimize various hospital and pharmacy workflows. Our MedCab cabinets are... Read More
  • Talon MedCart By Talon

    Medication and Medical Supply Carts Talon listens. We understand that one cart doesn’t fit all. We designed an entire line of carts to meet the needs of any healthcare facility and optimize any workflow. Our MedCarts are modern, functional, and flexible to meet the demands of today’s... Read More
  • Talon Radiation Therapy Solutions By Talon

    When caring for patients undergoing radiation therapy, delivering compassionate care is just as important as accuracy. Talon radiation therapy solutions are designed with the patient and healthcare facility in mind, achieving both comfort and reliability. Thermoplastic Dry Ovens Quickly, safely... Read More
  • Talon Smart File Cabinets By Talon

    Secure File Cabinets for Peace of Mind Every company entrusted with sensitive information such as HIPAA patient records and tax documents are held responsible for securing those documents with controlled access. Most file cabinets come with a simple lock and key, but there is little oversight... Read More
  • Techni-Care® Antiseptic - Surgical Scrub and Surgical Prep By Care-Tech Laboratories Inc

    Topical, Antiseptic for professional degerming, pre-op and post-op procedures. Advanced technology in skin disinfectants combining a substituted phenolic active ingredient in a synergic blend of surfactants and emollients. Broad spectrum efficacy on all gram-negative and gram-positive organisms... Read More
  • Tek-CARE120 Nurse Call System By TekTone

    The Tek-CARE120 Tone-Visual Nurse Call System is an aesthetically pleasing and surprisingly affordable nurse call system designed for easy installation and years of trouble-free operation in a variety of healthcare facilities, such as skilled nursing, senior living, assisted/independent living,... Read More
  • Tek-CARE160 Nurse Call System By TekTone

    The Tek-CARE160 Two-Way Audio Communication Nurse Call System is a modern and affordable nurse call system that is easy to install, use, and maintain. Featuring customizable peripheral devices, sleek, touchscreen master stations and high-quality two-way voice communication, the Tek-CARE160 is... Read More
  • Tek-CARE400 P5+ Nurse Call System By TekTone

    The Tek-CARE400 P5+ is the modern iteration of TekTone’s flagship nurse call system. Featuring modern aesthetics and flexible options, the system can be designed to fit facilities in every healthcare industry. The system has a clean contemporary look, and is designed to be both staff- and... Read More
  • Tek-CARE500 Wireless Nurse Call System By TekTone

    Tek-CARE500 is a UL®2560 Listed wireless nurse call system for use by assisted and independent living facilities. The system ensures reliable call transmission using spread spectrum technology.Tek-CARE500 provides senior living facilities with the most advanced security and safety available,... Read More
  • Tek-CARE700 Wander Management System By TekTone

    TekTone's Tek-CARE700 system lets dementia and at-risk residents move freely about your facility, while preventing them from wandering off. The Tek-CARE700 can connect simultaneously to any TekTone nurse call system and a variety of foreign systems, such as fire alarm and security. The system... Read More
  • Telephone Systems and Mobility By BCI Networks

    BCI Networks provides Communication Systems for the Retirement Industry. Our Communication Systems; Digital and VoIP technologies, combine stationary administrative telephones along with wireless handheld telephones for mobile staff. Optionally resident suites can also be integrated with the... Read More
  • Temperature Screening Kiosk By Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc. - Senior Living

    Screen employees and visitors using sophisticated temperature sensor technology and health compliance questions. A comprehensive solution to promote workplace safety, the health screening temperature kiosk not only monitors employee and visitor temperatures, but also features customizable health... Read More
  • Terra By ASI

    ASI's Terra is a photopolymer solution backed by a 40% post-industrial recycled, non-off gassing material that is Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) certified for recycled content and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified™. Many of material backers for Terra are sourced from cultures... Read More
  • Teton Sign Line: Message Insert Room ID By Welch Sign

    The Teton line offers white copy on dark grey acrylic with a red backpiece and curved edge. 6" x 7" Read More
  • Teton Sign Line: Restroom ID By Welch Sign

    The Teton line offers white copy on dark grey acrylic with a red backpiece and curved edge. 8" x 7" Read More
  • Teton Sign Line: Room ID By Welch Sign

    The Teton line offers white copy on dark grey acrylic with a red backpiece and curved edge. 4" x 7" Read More
  • The Crandall Web Center By Crandall Corporate Dietitians

    The Crandall Web Center is an online compilation of resources designed with your busy schedule in mind. Success in your dietary departments begins with the right information at your fingertips. Each corporation, community and dietitian has a web space in the CWC tailored specifically to meet... Read More
  • The iN2L 60” and 70" Systems By It's Never 2 Late

    Our 70″ system combines full television functionality with a state-of-the-art touchscreen interface. An included mini computer comes loaded with the exclusive iN2L interface and iN2L Content Suite. It delivers a person-centered experience designed to engage users with content, such as... Read More
  • The iN2L Mobile FLEX Packages By It's Never 2 Late

    Our Mobile FLEX Package includes everything that iN2L has to offer! It’s a 23″ touchscreen system fully loaded with the iN2L Content Suite on a motorized, height adjustable cart with an articulating arm. Available with or without the Engagement Package, which includes a virtual bicycle, flight... Read More
  • The iN2L Standard 23” Package By It's Never 2 Late

    The Standard 23″ Package is an easy-to-use touchscreen system, combined with our intuitive, simple interface and loaded with our full iN2L content suite. Designed to sit on a desktop or tabletop, this system’s sleek design will fit well into any community’s décor. Read More
  • Theraworx Protect Cloths By Theraworx

    - Total-body application - Maintenance cleansing - Ideal for new admits, isolation, ICU bathing, pre-surgical bathing, bed-bound and behavioral residents, and more - Enhancement to hand hygiene protocol Read More
  • Theraworx Protect Foam By Theraworx

    - Total body application - Maintenance cleansing - Barrier protection - Debris removal Read More
  • Theraworx Protect Spray By Theraworx

    - Ideal for use on targeted areas - Maintenance cleansing - Barrier protection Read More
  • Theraworx Protect U-PAK By Theraworx

    - For daily urinary health - Anal cleansing (after each fecal evacuation or bowel movement) - Menopausal health - Catheter care (each time bladder is emptied) Read More
  • Theraworx Protect Wallmount By Theraworx

    - Enhancement to hand hygiene protocol, convenient wallmount delivery Read More
  • Threshold Ramps By Access4U Inc.

    -Ramps for single step up to 6" rise -Slip resistant surface Read More
  • Time Tracking Dashboard By Cleverspeck Analytics

    This dashboard provides cost saving opportunities based on hourly time tracking. This includes overtime, early punch ins and punch outs, unpaid breaks, and other hourly metrics. This view is designed for the HR director, regional and property managers. Read More
  • Total Coverage 360 By The Hearth Management

    To our residents, The Hearth is home, and everyone wants to live in a home that’s tidy and clean. That’s why we’re proud to offer state-of-the-art Total Coverage 360 cleaning standards in every Hearth community. Each Hearth community is equipped with a generator from Viking Pure Solutions, a... Read More
  • Touch2Play Pro By Touch2Play

    Easy to use, easy to update and economical; the Touch2Play Pro is the solution for all of your entertainment, information and marketing needs. Display videos and digital signage. Securely access only the websites you select. Touch2Play Pro is the perfect entertainment system for all ages. 40... Read More
  • Touchless Access Control By CarePredict

    Tempo is integrated with keyless door entry systems for easy opening, providing convenience to residents and staff, while providing enhanced accountability. Read More
  • Training and Development By Orange Grove Consulting

    Using cognitive-behavioral-therapy practices, we teach leaders and individual contributors how to apply inclusive skills in everyday situations so that inclusion becomes ingrained in the culture. Orange Grove integrates cognitive-behavioral research theory into skill development to ensure... Read More
  • Transfer Seats & Hand Controls By MobilityWorks

    Sometimes the biggest barrier in your mobility begins with just getting into your vehicle, wheelchair accessible or not. Your individual ability will determine what solutions we suggest for you achieve your mobility, but rest assured that there is a solution and a knowledgeable staff of mobility... Read More
  • Transit Nugget By Diamond Coach

    The Transit Nugget provides an ideal solution as an assisted living, medical transport, or church bus. The Transit Nugget can accommodate up to 14 passengers and can easily be optioned with a wheel chair lift. Read More
  • Tri-Flo 325 110 Starter By Colorado Tri-Flo Ststems

    This package includes 3 heaters, 3 fans, and a laser infrared thermometer. It is ideal for killing bed bugs in an average size hotel room of 325 square feet. ​ The package comes with all the equipment you need to start killing bed bugs, including: Three ER1800, 1800 watt heaters - each... Read More
  • Tri-Flo 325 220 Starter By Colorado Tri-Flo Ststems

    This package includes 1 heater, 2 fans, and a laser infrared thermometer. It is ideal for killing bed bugs in an average size hotel room of 325 square feet. ​ The package comes with all the equipment you need to start killing bed bugs, including: One ER5000, 5000 watt heater - requires 220V... Read More
  • Tri-Flo 500 Combo By Colorado Tri-Flo Ststems

    This package includes 3 heaters, 3 fans, and a laser infrared thermometer. It is ideal for killing bed bugs in an average size hotel room of 500 square feet. ​ The package comes with all the equipment you need to start killing bed bugs, including: One ER5000, 5000 watt heater - requires 220V... Read More
  • TV, Internet & Phone By Softrim

    The options for television, internet, and phone are changing constantly; but what’s available in one area may not be available in others and may not work with the cabling in the community. Over our many experiences, we’ve established a knowledgebase of what’s important to residents and... Read More
  • Two-Way Voice By CarePredict

    CarePredict’s light-weight Tempo wearable uses proprietary technology to provide two-way voice communication that allows residents to communicate directly with the caregiver through their wrist-worn wearable. Caregiving staff can prioritize alerts and respond to alerts faster. As a single... Read More