White Papers for Argentum Senior Living Supplier Directory

  • Implications of Overlooking Background Checks

    From small startups to multinational corporations, every organization faces inherent risks when bringing new employees onboard. Employers are tasked with the responsibility of not only identifying the most qualified candidates but also ensuring that they align with the organization’s values....
  • The Ultimate Linen Buying Guide

    The ultimate linen buying guide for underpads, gowns, clothing protectors, pillows, top of the bed, bed linen, cubicle curtains, mattress pads, duvet covers, terry, slippers, and table linen is tailored to your preferences and budget. We use only premium materials in crafting our linens,...
  • Senior Living Marketing in 2024 Survey Report

    The demand for a digital-first marketing approach in today’s senior living landscape has intensified the competition and has increased the demands on marketing teams and agencies to deliver outcomes. In fact, 57% of participants who responded to our 2024 Senior Living Marketing Survey indicated...
  • Top-tier Employee Benefits for Senior Living

    Top-tier benefits at affordable prices are available through DecisionHR. Our integrated PEO solution provides you with the ultimate solutions for payroll and tax administration, employee benefit programs, HR support and Risk Management services.
  • An Employers Guide on How to Develop an Effective Background Screening Policy

    An Employers "Guide on How to Develop an Effective Background Screening Policy" shares ideas and best practices on things you should consider while adopting or revising Background Screening policies.
  • IT Matters Who You Pick

    Crucial decision-making is involved in selecting an IT partner for long-term, post-acute, and home health care businesses. There is a significant impact that this choice has on the operations and quality of care provided in senior living facilities. Picking the right IT partner ensures...
  • HR's Guide to Onboarding: From Decision to Day One and Beyond

    First impressions matter. Since most employees decide whether to remain at a job within the first six months, it's crucial for employers to perform effective onboarding that delivers a positive candidate experience and overall organizational success. Learn how to create a strong onboarding...
  • The Senior Living Industry Today and Looking Forward

    The senior living industry is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by increased interest rates, operational changes, advancements in healthcare and technology, and changing demographics. To understand this complex landscape, it is crucial to examine it through multiple lenses.