EverythingBenefits Selects HealthiestYou by Teladoc

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New Providence, NJ, November 7th, 2017 – EverythingBenefits, a provider of comprehensive, next-generation benefits technology solutions and services, today announced its agreement with Teladoc, Inc., the world’s largest and most trusted telehealth provider, to integrate their HealthiestYou’s solution within the EverythingBenefits platform.

This represents the first third-party integration into the EverythingBenefits suite of benefits technology products. As a result, EverythingBenefits’ growing partner distribution network of human capital management (HCM) platforms, payroll service bureaus, benefits brokers and third-party administrators will have access to the Teladoc HealthiestYou telehealth solution and expand their value offering to existing and prospective clients.

HealthiestYou connects patients with board-certified physicians through phone calls, video chats and the award-winning HealthiestYou app to get resolution to their general medical needs, such as cold and flu, upper respiratory infections, pink eye and more. By enabling more convenient and affordable access to care, members avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office, urgent care or the emergency room. With its smartphone app, HealthiestYou promotes consumer engagement and helps lower employer healthcare costs with practical features such as a geo-fenced alert system that reminds members to consider cost-effective alternatives when shopping for care options, prescriptions and procedures, as well as helps users locate their nearest medical doctor, pharmacy, urgent care facility and emergency room. As a third-party provided value-add to EverythingBenefits’ platform, HealthiestYou will integrate directly into payroll/HCM platforms within EverythingBenefits’ partner network. EverythingBenefits will grant their clients’ benefits administrators, payroll professionals, and employees access to an industry-leading telehealth service.

Shifts in demographics are putting pressure on the demand side of the telehealth market while shortages and lack of access are putting pressure on the supply side. According to Human Resources and Services Commission, 20% of the US population currently lives in areas with insufficient Primary Care Provider (PCP) coverage. The Bureau of Labor statistics also estimates that a 70% increase in Home Care Providers (HCP) will be needed by 2020. Due to these emerging market forces, EverythingBenefits has aligned with Teladoc to deliver telehealth services to its network.

“Our relationship with Teladoc to bring Teladoc HealthiestYou into the EverythingBenefits suite of products is proof-positive that payroll, benefits, and human capital management are converging,” says Rachel Lyubovitzky, CEO of EverythingBenefits. “This integration allows us to deliver a product that resonates greatly with our partners who are looking to expand beyond their traditional offerings.”

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