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DIRECTV® for Senior Living Communities

DIRECTV® for Senior Living Communities

Available from Just In Time Technology Solutions

Whether your property is a continuing care, assisted living, or skilled nursing facility, DIRECTV gives you the flexibility to offer the quality entertainment your residents want at the affordable prices you need. Bring a more enjoyable, a more affordable, entertainment experience to your... Read More

Retainer Info

Retainer Info

Available from Agape Recruiting, Inc.

Most senior living recruitment firms charge around 20-30% of salary. At Agape Recruiting, we believe in fees more like 15-20%, then we come up with a flat fee that our clients are happy with within that range. That's it, no other fees involved, no pressure to increase salary to bump up... Read More



Available from Clarion Bathware

62" x 32" ADA-Compliant Shower Base w/ 3/4" Threshold Read More

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Why Humidify?... For People

Available from Condair Inc.

Humidified air improves air quality for health and comfort People spend over 60% of their lives indoors, making indoor air quality critical to personal health and comfort, including correct temperature and humidity levels. Read more

Ways virtual reality saves businesses time and money

Available from Omnia Senior Solutions

Virtual reality (VR), the technology that immerses users in digital simulations and models, has many more uses than people initially imagined. Many of these involve helping businesses save time and money. Read on to find out how. Read more

Targeting Financial Prospects Who Are...

Available from Dataman Group Direct

Finding financial prospects who are interested in protecting their retirement requires a targeted marketing strategy. This white paper gives you 15 tactics you can use to improve your marketing strategy. Here are some steps you can consider: Identify your target audience: Define the... Read more

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Top Senior Living Suppliers

Crandall Corporate Dietitians

Crandall Corporate Dietitians helps every type and size of Senior Living Community standardize and scale their dining programs by providing a system that includes dietitians, policies & procedures, auditing, and online menu software. Read More

Just In Time Technology Solutions

Stay competitive in today’s world and bring your business into the future with Just In Time. We’ll work with you to create digital solutions that elevate customer, patient and guest experiences, advance your business and create a lasting impact on your clients. From TV and internet to security... Read More


ClosedOpp is your paid advertising specialist! We use our first-hand experience and partner with you to generate the best ROI from Google Ads for your Senior Living needs. Read More

Frontrunner Bus Group

New England Wheels has been setting the standard in mobility transportation since 1988. The Low Floor Frontrunner redefines Senior Living Transportation; this mini- bus' one low step and a simple reliable ramp Offers effortless entry and exit. Read More

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