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Company Overview Dashboard

Company Overview Dashboard

Available from Cleverspeck Analytics

This dashboard provides a 360 degree view of your overall entire portfolio. Focus on the key metrics that are important to your company to find key areas of focus for improvement. This view is designed for the executive team or regional managers. Read More

Meal Lifter™ plate base

Meal Lifter™ plate base

Available from Meal Lifter

Meal Lifter™ is made of durable molded polypropylene that is dishwasher safe. The eating aid measures 4.25“ high by 10.5” wide at its base and weighs approximately 3/4 lbs. To use Meal Lifter™ simply rest a 9” plate (Meal Lifter™ plate recommended, sold separately) at the top of the aid to... Read More

Wheelchair and Passenger Vans

Wheelchair and Passenger Vans

Available from CommTrans Bus & Van Sales

With half a century of product and industry knowledge, CommTrans is one of the most respected dealers of ADA-compliant wheelchair vans for senior living communities. In addition to traditional wheelchair van layouts, we also represent vehicles with the innovative SmartFloor system that allows... Read More

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Featured Senior Living Content

Nutritional Interventions: Reducing Hospital...

Available from Sodexo

In recent years, many skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have experienced a shift in focus toward shorter-term, higher-acuity, and more medically complex residents. These older adults typically have a higher risk of hospital readmission due to issues such as chronic diseases, weakened immune... Read more

Giving Independence Back to Residents through...

Available from HHS

As decreased abilities and increased dietary restrictions become more prevalent in the aging population, mealtimes can become uncomfortable or even a struggle, especially for those who have difficulty eating or using utensils. This can cause a cycle of poor nutrition, and studies have found that... Read more

Quick Response Nurse Call

Available from RFT

Our scalable solutions offer communities a cost-effective way to implement wireless nurse call solution. - Custom-designed solutions tailored to support your workflow & reporting needs. - Systems are scalable to meet your needs for years to come. - Flexible alerting options and escalation paths... Read more

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Top Senior Living Suppliers

Crandall Corporate Dietitians

Crandall Corporate Dietitians helps every type and size of Senior Living Community standardize and scale their dining programs by providing a system that includes dietitians, policies & procedures, auditing, and online menu software. Read More

Walmart Business

You focus on the community. We’ll provide the supplies. Read More

Frontrunner Bus Group

New England Wheels has been setting the standard in mobility transportation since 1988. The Low Floor Frontrunner redefines Senior Living Transportation; this mini- bus' one low step and a simple reliable ramp Offers effortless entry and exit. Read More

Epic Notion

Epic Notion is an award-winning, full-service marketing agency serving senior living communities and their operators for more than 15 years. During this time, we’ve partnered with more than 70 communities across the nation to drive brand awareness and move-ins. Read More

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