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  • Study on the Benefits of Nordic Walking for Parkinson'sBy

    This study compares the effects of Nordic walking training and Free walk on functional parameters and functional mobility of Parkinson's disease patients. It was concluded that Nordic Walking improves functional parameters and walking mobility demonstrating that Nordic Walking is as effective as...
  • Occupant Comfort StudyBy

    Our own headquarters was built based on our Occupant Experience (OX) approach, serving as a living laboratory for the concepts that Saint‑Gobain Commercial Solutions Team promotes.
  • Employee Appreciation Ideas: 63 Epic Ways To Reward Your StaffBy

    Whether you own a small business with a handful of employees or a large corporation employing thousands of people, you pay them with the understanding that they are doing their job to ensure your continued success. It sounds cut and dried, but when you add in the human dynamic, emotions come...
  • Technology To Combat Occupancy Challenges | Findings From Published StudyBy

    See how CarePredict's AI-powered solution improves health outcomes for residents - with a 2X reduction in hospitalizations, a 69% reduced fall rate, and a 93% increase in LOS. In this eBook, we will further analyze the direct impact of CarePredict's AI-powered platform on:\n\n- Empowering sales...
  • Background Checks for Employment: A Complete GuideBy

    This complete guide on how to run a background check for employment will help ease any anxieties you have about the background check process. While we can’t guarantee you’ll like what you see on your potential employee’s report, after reading this article, you’ll know how to run compliant...
  • 5 Types of PC clutter and how to get rid of themBy

    Not only does clutter on your desktop and hard drive slow down your computer, but it also makes it difficult to find the files you need. Here are five types of PC clutter impeding your computer’s performance and your productivity, and some nifty tips to get rid of them.
  • How to Evaluate the ROI of Your Dining ProgramBy

    The landscape of senior living is rapidly evolving. The tastes and expectations of older adults are changing. Emergent trends and best practices are developing in response to shifting dynamics concerning public health, sustainability, and advancements in technology. This E-Book invites...
  • Comfortable Meeting Spaces Promote Patient RecoveryBy

    Leaders in behavioral health often say recovery is about connection, which is why offering safe and comfortable spaces for patients to interact should be part of any healing environment.
  • Developing Flexibility and Capacity in your WorkplaceBy

    How balancing flexibility and capacity for both individual and organizations changes everything.
  • How Crossrroads Medical Increased Productivity by 50%By

    Learn how Crossroads Medical Management increased hiring rates while decreasing time spend on unqualified candidates at their assisted living facilities - during COVID. It gave the staff more time to focus on resident care, and less time on hiring and onboarding.
  • Yardi Senior Living SuiteBy

    Power your business with a single connected solution that eliminates the gap between senior living property management, clinical services, marketing and sales. The Yardi Senior Living Suite gives you everything you need to improve care, enhance efficiency, mitigate risk and maximize occupancy,...
  • Transparency in Senior Living Should be the Norm, not a RarityBy

    We all want to know our loved one in a community is being care for, is safe, and we can easily check in on them using our mobile devices or computer 24/7. In order for a community to provide what should be the norm, they will need Family CareSpace and the Family Portal. Families need to request...
  • Philips COVID-19 Resident Safety Technology eBookBy

    The right cloud-based technology platforms can enable senior living communities to pivot quickly. As contact tracing and social distancing protocols become the new normal, real-time location systems can help track, trace, and prevent outbreaks to keep residents, staff, and visitors...
  • EEOC RegulationsBy

    Understand how Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Regulations apply to background checks.
  • Developments with a Sense of Place: Exploring Mixed Use Complexes & Pocket NeighborhoodsBy

    Today’s seniors have a desire to age differently and are evaluating housing options with a new set of criteria. Providers, developers and designers understand these changing expectations and are exploring unique housing alternatives to redefine senior living—marketable options to entice a...
  • Advantages of Using Modular Acoustic in Corporate EnvironmentsBy

    Learn more about the benefits of using 5mm modular acoustic flooring in corporate applications.
  • Benefits of a Converged NetworkBy

    In the past, businesses would use several different networks to deliver data, video, and voice to their end-users. Though these disparate networks would do the job, they were often complicated to manage and increasingly expensive in an age when cable rates continued to increase. Making...
  • Person-Centered Care Ideals and Practicality in Senior LivingBy

    A critical component of the shift in our care culture is including the people that interact most closely with older adults in a caregiving role. Staff that are most hands-on with older adults need to be empowered to think and act beyond the "regs" and checklists that are so prominent in care...
  • Giving Independence Back to Residents through Dignified DiningBy

    As decreased abilities and increased dietary restrictions become more prevalent in the aging population, mealtimes can become uncomfortable or even a struggle, especially for those who have difficulty eating or using utensils. This can cause a cycle of poor nutrition, and studies have found that...
  • Paragon Village Senior Living Campus Case StudyBy

    Paragon Village is a multifamily senior residential rental apartment facility located in Mount Olive, New Jersey. The facility consists of 70 independent living units and 73 assisted living units in two residential buildings. The prior owner was unable to achieve occupancy sufficient to...
  • How Cleaner Air = Healthier Workers, Students, and PatientsBy

    Up to 20 percent of U.S. residents are infected during flu season, which starts in the fall and peaks in January and February, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). When the season hits, it wreaks havoc on businesses, schools and other places that have shared spaces.
  • The Changing Landscape of Nursing Home Five-Star RatingsBy

    Nursing homes that participate in the federal Medicare or Medicaid programs are measured against a set of quality ratings, collectively referred to as the Five-Star Quality Rating. Established by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in December 2008, the Five-Star rating is an...
  • Senior Living Design TrendsBy

    The traditional drab nursing home is no longer acceptable. A high level of care in a setting with the comforts of a home are now the benchmark.
  • Attention: Hospitality and Facility Managers Do You Have Bed Bugs?By

    Bed bugs are here to stay. With today's ability to travel the world and the fact that these bugs are the ultimate hitch-hiker, you are only as good as your last tenant, guest or visitor. Using Eradi-Flo bed bug heaters, you can effectively kill them using the electrical service available in your...