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White Papers for Argentum Senior Living Supplier Directory

  • Best Nonprofit to Work for With an Amazing Corporate CultureBy

    Best Nonprofit to Work for With an Amazing Corporate Culture: The millennial generation is changing how employees find work. Along with digital networking and connecting on social media, this latest generation is values-driven. More than 70 percent of millennials say they are willing to spend...
  • StrongerU Senior Fitness OverviewBy

    Visit our website to learn more and get your team started today.
  • How to Pick a Senior Living Marketing Automation Platform: A ChecklistBy

    The number of senior living providers using marketing automation platforms is rising, and whether getting started fresh or re-evaluating one’s current platform, every operator benefits from following a checklist. Operators that use automation for their day-to-day marketing tasks open the door...
  • Reusable Sharps Containers: Impact on Infection RiskBy

    This study examined literature and guidelines to determine the microbiological risk of using reusable sharps containers.
  • RxKeeper® reminds you to take your meds on-timeBy

    RxKeeper® is a solution to tackle the costliest health problem in America: Medication Adherence. This product seamlessly integrates into users' lives and encourages them to take control of their health. Aiming to tackle the massive problem of medication non-adherence, RxKeeper® is a simple yet...
  • The Key Performance Indicators of Successful Telehealth & Patient Engagement Programs in 2022By

    Managing a successful telehealth or patient engagement program can demonstrate several challenges; as such, choosing the right platform partner ahead of time requires extensive research and evaluation. In this guide, you will find the top key performance indicators (KPIs) to consider when...
  • Long Term Care Poses Preventable HR RisksBy

    Brief article on how compliant employee screening programs can reduce HR risks in the long term care industry.
  • Virtual Triage Telehealth for Better Patient Outcomes and Increased ProfitabilityBy

    ConvergeOne Secure Managed Telehealth Solutions are proven and tested to be best-in-class, delivering next generation video and team collaboration and the security, management, and flexibility to meet your needs. Our solutions can go from pilot to production seamlessly—without requiring massive...
  • HUBSCRUB: More than Wheelchair CleaningBy

  • Improving Indoor Air Quality with Air PurifiersBy

    The most effective way to improve your indoor air is to reduce sources of pollutants and to ventilate with clean outdoor air according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Using an air purifier, can help improve indoor air quality.
  • 8 Tips to Attract and Retain Top TalentBy

    Senior living communities have unique challenges when it comes to retaining quality staff, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has placed additional stress on staff and residents. Currently, senior living communities across the country are struggling to fill a variety of positions in their...
  • Direct Marketing for AccountantsBy

    Every accountant needs to market. For annual tax prep, accountants succeed with New Homeowners. To increase commercial business; accountants reach out to new businesses or small to medium-sized businesses. For accounting firms who want to increase payroll business, we offer a payroll prospect file.
  • Calculating the Lost Opportunity Costs of Leasing Agent DIY-ersBy

    Evidence shows that outsourcing your model apartment saves money in the long run and yields a higher ROI.
  • COGIR Senior Living Case StudyBy

    Case Study featuring COGIR Senior Living
  • Study on the Benefits of Nordic Walking for Parkinson'sBy

    This study compares the effects of Nordic walking training and Free walk on functional parameters and functional mobility of Parkinson's disease patients. It was concluded that Nordic Walking improves functional parameters and walking mobility demonstrating that Nordic Walking is as effective as...
  • Occupant Comfort StudyBy

    Our own headquarters was built based on our Occupant Experience (OX) approach, serving as a living laboratory for the concepts that Saint‑Gobain Commercial Solutions Team promotes.
  • Technology To Combat Occupancy Challenges | Findings From Published StudyBy

    See how CarePredict's AI-powered solution improves health outcomes for residents - with a 2X reduction in hospitalizations, a 69% reduced fall rate, and a 93% increase in LOS. In this eBook, we will further analyze the direct impact of CarePredict's AI-powered platform on:\n\n- Empowering sales...
  • Background Checks for Employment: A Complete GuideBy

    This complete guide on how to run a background check for employment will help ease any anxieties you have about the background check process. While we can’t guarantee you’ll like what you see on your potential employee’s report, after reading this article, you’ll know how to run compliant...
  • 5 Types of PC clutter and how to get rid of themBy

    Not only does clutter on your desktop and hard drive slow down your computer, but it also makes it difficult to find the files you need. Here are five types of PC clutter impeding your computer’s performance and your productivity, and some nifty tips to get rid of them.
  • Comfortable Meeting Spaces Promote Patient RecoveryBy

    Leaders in behavioral health often say recovery is about connection, which is why offering safe and comfortable spaces for patients to interact should be part of any healing environment.
  • Developing Flexibility and Capacity in your WorkplaceBy

    How balancing flexibility and capacity for both individual and organizations changes everything.
  • Transparency in Senior Living Should be the Norm, not a RarityBy

    We all want to know our loved one in a community is being care for, is safe, and we can easily check in on them using our mobile devices or computer 24/7. In order for a community to provide what should be the norm, they will need Family CareSpace and the Family Portal. Families need to request...
  • Philips COVID-19 Resident Safety Technology eBookBy

    The right cloud-based technology platforms can enable senior living communities to pivot quickly. As contact tracing and social distancing protocols become the new normal, real-time location systems can help track, trace, and prevent outbreaks to keep residents, staff, and visitors...
  • Benefits of a Converged NetworkBy

    In the past, businesses would use several different networks to deliver data, video, and voice to their end-users. Though these disparate networks would do the job, they were often complicated to manage and increasingly expensive in an age when cable rates continued to increase. Making...
  • Person-Centered Care Ideals and Practicality in Senior LivingBy

    A critical component of the shift in our care culture is including the people that interact most closely with older adults in a caregiving role. Staff that are most hands-on with older adults need to be empowered to think and act beyond the "regs" and checklists that are so prominent in care...