Single Digits and Notify Collaborate to Enhance Senior Care with Advanced Nurse Call and Communication Solution

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BEDFORD, NH, USA, October 26, 2023 / / -- Single Digits, a global leader in managed Wi-Fi, is excited to announce a pioneering partnership with Notify, an innovator in senior living technology. This strategic partnership is planning to enhance the healthcare industry by introducing Notify, a groundbreaking nurse call and communication system designed specifically for senior living communities.

By leveraging Single Digits' robust network infrastructure and ISP provisions, Notify will facilitate a smooth connection with nurse call systems, enhancing the existing network's capabilities. This seamless integration ensures a frictionless, efficient operation, elevating the way residents interact with healthcare staff.

But the partnership doesn't end there. With the combination of Notify's software expertise and Single Digits' hardware prowess, these two companies have united to form a formidable team dedicated to the efficient deployment of these services. This synergistic collaboration combines the best of both worlds, enabling them to provide a superior solution that is not just seamless but also empowering.

Notify is not just a product but a significant leap forward in senior living technology. It replaces antiquated communication tools such as radios and pagers with a single, integrated platform that offers instantaneous communication, real-time data, and enhanced accountability. With Notify, caregivers can monitor their performance and make decisions while effectively addressing the needs of residents by streamlining workflows and building positive resident relationships.

"Notify signifies a major shift in caregiver-resident interaction," said Julia Healey, Head of Marketing at Single Digits. "Our collaboration with Notify will transform caregiving by introducing this game-changing technology to senior living communities across the nation."

Notify utilizes globally recognized technology, allowing the modernization of entire nurse call operations without the need for new hardware. Regardless of your deployed brand of nurse call system, Notify unifies all of your building's systems. This cost-effective solution makes Notify an appealing choice for facilities seeking to upgrade their systems.

With hundreds of buildings nationwide already relying on Notify for their day-to-day operations and tens of thousands of residents reaping its benefits, Notify has proven itself as the industry's most utilized mobile app. Through this partnership, Single Digits and Notify aim to expand its reach further, bringing modern, efficient, and effective communication solutions to more senior living communities.

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About Notify
Notify is a HIPAA-compliant, real-time communication and collaboration platform for care providers. Notify optimizes patient outcomes, increases staffing efficiency, retains staff, and achieves seamless connectivity for patients, families, and care teams through transformative integrated healthcare technology.

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