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Press Release from D&P Custom Lights & Wiring Systems, Inc.

New Construction and Remodeling
in a Post-Pandemic World

  In 2020, construction and remodeling were down in many sectors due to Covid-19.  But construction is coming back, but in a new and different way!   As this article in  Construction and Business Owner  magazine  states, "in the world of retail, restaurant and office spaces, change was inevitable." Restaurants are looking for ways to incorporate increased outdoor dining options, safely space their indoor seating areas, and offer more opportunity for takeout and pick up, including contactless options. 

D&P's SafetyGuard plexiglass barriers offer protection for both employees and customers in food retail settings, as well as in corporate offices between workstations.  Retailers also need to make things as easy as possible for customers who prefer contactless "self-serve" ways to shop.  Using D&P's clear, highly visible and attractive signage to direct them to the products they need is one way to help customers move easily and quickly through a store or business.  

In the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic, customers have been reluctant to shop in brick-and-mortar stores, but with vaccinations on the rise and more people feeling confident about being out, stores are working hard to attract new customers and increase their foot traffic.  One way to do that is with transparent window posters!  We can help you create an eye-catching lighted window poster with a compelling offer to get people into your retail location!

As things continue to change in the construction industry due to the pandemic, calls for more environmentally-friendly building methods and more, building flexibility into construction projects can help in the future.   According to  Electrical Contractor  magazine , in raised floor and dropped ceiling environments in schools, hotels, office buildings, factories, big box stores, warehouses, airports, shopping malls and sporting arenas, modular wiring systems "make it easier to perform future moves, adds and changes with few new wiring connections and to reconfigure for extra capacity." With D&P's ACLinx modular wiring system, not only do you achieve construction and remodel savings through reduced labor and installation costs now, you can more easily make seasonal changes or remodels in the future.  

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