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Terra Nova Films creates, produces, distributes, and presents films and videos on aging and elderhood. When the company started in 1981, it was dealing with mainly one film; now it handles more than 300, with a client base of more than 10,000, ranging from colleges and universities to community groups and senior centers. And now, as the aging population in many countries is rapidly expanding, Terra Nova continues to be a leader in the use of visual storytelling to help people understand, value, and traverse the human experience of elderhood.

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By Terra Nova Films Inc

On-Demand Films: Helping an Aging Parent This third installment of the award-winning “My Mother, My Father” film series carries on the story of the Honel family, as they engage in very real conversations about dementia caregiving and quality of life – from idyllic expectations to bittersweet realities. The film is unique in that it... Read more »

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Long Term Care, Staff Education: Resident Abuse and Exploitation This training program explains what abuse is, distinguishes types of abuse—from obvious to subtle, and identifies resident and facility risk factors that may increase likelihood of abuse. It explores why residents often refuse to report abuse, outlines how to help caregivers manage stress to... Read more »

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Health and Wellness Training: How to Prevent Falls Presented by Dr. Betty Perkins-Carpenter, also known as “America’s Ambassador to Senior Fitness”, this empowering fall preventing program gives six simple steps to help older adults improve balance, and reduce the serious risk of falls and injuries. This 6-step program includes easy steps that... Read more »

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