Resident Care Reinforced by New Feature of Yardi Senior IQ

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Senior living community operators can match resident care requirements with staffing and benefit from comprehensive business intelligence

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 8, 2021 – Yardi® Senior IQ delivers business intelligence that helps senior living community managers make safe, smart decisions. Staffing Analysis, a new addition to the solution, mitigates risk further by ensuring that shift assignments meet resident care requirements.

Staffing Analysis automatically draws resident care information from Yardi® EHR, an electronic health record system, then lists the workers, task time allotments and skillsets assigned to each shift on a dashboard. If a shift is overstaffed or understaffed by workers or skillsets, managers can transfer tasks or staff with drag-and-drop functionality. When care plans change in Yardi EHR, the Staffing Analysis dashboard automatically resets task time allocations.

Executive directors, lead nurses and others who assign shifts gain efficiency with a streamlined staff efficiency tool. Staffing Analysis leverages existing care records without interfaces and eliminates the need to compile multiple reports, prepare spreadsheets or rekey data.

“Staffing Analysis combines the clinical aspects of senior care with finance and marketing to make Yardi Senior IQ a complete and fully integrated business intelligence solution for community operators,” said Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living for Yardi®.

Learn how Yardi Senior IQ and the rest of the Yardi® Senior Living Suite create a comprehensive technology platform for senior living management.

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