Yardi EHR Enables ePrescriptions for Controlled Substances

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Electronic health record system earns EPCS certification, permits new controlled substance medication order workflow

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 10, 2022  – Yardi ®  EHR can now accommodate a medication order workflow for controlled substance ePrescribing. This results from meeting the latest Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) rule for Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS). Yardi EHR is officially EPCS certified as of its latest release.

The DEA regulations permit physicians to write prescriptions for controlled substances electronically, within certified systems like Yardi EHR. Set up as EPCS prescribers, physicians can log in and verify prescriptions, then use two-factor authentication to sign and send orders. This adds to existing functionality in Yardi EHR, which enables users to send digital prescription requests for non-narcotic medications.

EPCS ultimately authorizes pharmacies to receive, dispense and archive electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. Pharmacies, physicians and senior living providers benefit from a secure electronic transfer of information through Yardi EHR.

“The EPCS workflow is a valuable addition for Yardi EHR clients and associated pharmacies,” said Fil Southerland, director of health care solutions at Yardi. “This will streamline operations for skilled nursing facilities in particular, which generally require practitioners to prescribe controlled substances on site. The flexibility to prescribe, review, and sign orders electronically means physicians can facilitate prompt care for residents.”   

The EPCS certification adds a new level of integrated functionality to Yardi EHR. Learn more about the benefits of this full-service electronic health record solution for senior living providers.

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