Yardi Announces Direct Supply Integration

Press Release from Yardi Systems Inc

Electronic health record solution, Yardi EHR, syncs with vitals collection platform

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Sept. 7, 2022  – Yardi ®  EHR is now integrated with DS smart ®  technology, a solution by Direct Supply ® . The integration enables resident data drawn from supported equipment, such as vital signs monitors, to flow directly into Yardi EHR.  

With Yardi’s electronic health record solution linked to DS smart, senior care staff access real-time resident data. Staff can connect their mobile device to supported equipment via Bluetooth, capture resident vitals, then review measurements on the DS smart app before uploading to Yardi EHR. For added convenience, staff can access the DS smart platform using their Yardi EHR credentials.

Allowing for increased interoperability, the integration helps staff members reduce time spent on vitals collection, eliminate errors and enhance resident care.

“The partnership between Yardi and Direct Supply reflects our commitment to helping clients enhance care services,” said Ray Elliott, vice president of senior living at Yardi. “With Yardi EHR integrated with DS smart technology, the vitals collection process is automated, resulting in less transcription errors. This allows staff to make informed decisions based on accurate data, improving resident care as a result.”

Learn more about Yardi EHR, a solution within the Yardi Senior Living Suite, then explore Direct Supply. For more information on the integration, get in touch.

About Direct Supply

Direct Supply ®  is an employee-owned company that specializes in providing equipment, eCommerce and services to healthcare organizations and the senior living industry. Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the company offers its products and services to healthcare organizations, skilled nursing and assisted living communities throughout the United States. For more information on Direct Supply, visit directsupply.com.

About Yardi

Yardi ®  develops and supports industry-leading investment and property management software for all types and sizes of real estate companies. With 8,000 employees, Yardi is working with clients globally to drive significant innovation in the real estate industry. For more information on how Yardi is Energized for Tomorrow, visit yardi.com.

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