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  • How does COGIR Senior Living enhance residents’ experience and enable more efficient care?

    Discover how the Yardi Senior Living Suite helps this senior living provider empower staff, optimize their sales cycle and improve resident care.
  • COGIR Senior Living Case Study

    Case Study featuring COGIR Senior Living
  • Senior Living EHR: Medication Management and Risk Mitigation

    Every day, millions of Americans start their mornings the same way: with a handful of prescription pills. In fact, nearly a third of all adults take five or more medications regularly. In senior living communities, the number is even higher: a staggering 12-14 medications per day. This in due in...
  • Yardi Senior Living Technology White Paper

    Get practical advice from leaders in the senior living industry.
  • Differentiators In Business Intelligence Technology: eBook

    Senior living providers don’t have a lot of options for business intelligence tools purpose-built to support their broad scope of daily activities. How do you gather accurate data from disparate systems? What questions should you be asking vendors about their business and how their BI...
  • Yardi Senior Living Suite

    Power your business with a single connected solution that eliminates the gap between senior living property management, clinical services, marketing and sales. The Yardi Senior Living Suite gives you everything you need to improve care, enhance efficiency, mitigate risk and maximize occupancy,...