Research Shows How Organizations Are Using Leaders in Engagement Efforts

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Winter Park, FL, January 28, 2019 
TalentKeepers Releases the “Workplace America Leadership Report,” a Survey of How Organizations Are Using Leaders in Engagement Efforts

The 2018 Workplace America SM Leadership Report is TalentKeepers’ second annual report of how organizations use their leaders to drive employee engagement and retention efforts. More than 300 organizations participated, with 44% employing over 1,000 employees.

Leaders are the face of the company for the majority of employees in most organizations. And 71% of organizations assert their front-line leaders are aware of the influence they have on engaging their teams. However, the research also showed only a disappointing 39% of organizations are taking steps to develop leaders to drive engagement.  

“Leaders need to be trained in employee engagement skills and must understand their role in retaining and motivating people,” said Christopher Mulligan, TalentKeepers CEO and author of the report. “The first step in leveraging leaders is determining how well they are currently doing and understanding specifically what training they need to become successful.”

Yet, in the survey, just 49% of organizations currently measure the effectiveness of each leader to engage their team.

Leaders are critical in the battle to engage and retain talent. The importance of holding them accountable for this part of their role cannot be overstated. Unfortunately, only 26% of organizations hold leaders accountable with significant consequences for not meeting employee engagement goals.

“Every leader should have engagement and retention goals, incentives to meet those goals, and consequences for failing to do so,” said Mulligan.

The report is available for complimentary download on TalentKeepers’ website at

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