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About BlueOrange Compliance

We are a national provider of security risk assessments, analysis, corrective action plans and guidance to healthcare clients and business associates. The BlueOrange Compliance team is comprised of former Healthcare CIOs, Security executives, and technology delivery professionals.

With our high-profile, proven track records in business, IT, finance, security and HIPAA and HITECH compliance, we guide our clients through bureaucratic maze of regulations and becomes your interpreter of key issues.

Our proven innovative approach to compliance and remediation allows us to deliver an affordable service while improving the safety, quality and security of your patient data.

Products by BlueOrange Compliance

By BlueOrange Compliance

 Cybersecurity Solutions

HIPAA law requires covered entities to safeguard against “reasonably anticipated” threats to protected health information. The increasing prevalence of healthcare security breaches makes malicious hacking a reasonably anticipated threat. But complex, ever-changing regulations, increased... Read more »

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By BlueOrange Compliance

Phishing Awareness Testing & Training

Whether it’s sharing passwords with colleagues, emailing sensitive data to the wrong recipient or falling victim to a phishing attack, employees are seen as the ‘weakest link’ in your cyber security. That’s why it’s vital to understand where the human vulnerabilities exist within your business... Read more »

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By BlueOrange Compliance

Penetration Testing

Considerable business continuity data and ePHI can be stolen in the months it may take to recognize a cybersecurity attack. Penetration (pen) testing identifies vulnerabilities so you can correct them before they are exploited. Employing the same techniques malicious actors use to get to... Read more »

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