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Products by Hamlin Capital Advisors
  • Customized Financing

    Given the importance and complexity of securing the right financial solutions, you need a partner who can consider your interests as you navigate the debt capital markets and evaluate the agendas and products of bond underwriters and banks. At Hamlin Capital Advisors, we can develop a... Read More
  • Financial Advisory

    The vast majority of large nonprofit or government borrowers—from universities and health systems to local governments, states and even countries—rely on financial advisors to help them manage their capital needs and obtain more attractive terms. Shouldn’t senior housing communities and other... Read More
White Papers by Hamlin Capital Advisors
  • Paragon Village Senior Living Campus Case Study By

    Paragon Village is a multifamily senior residential rental apartment facility located in Mount Olive, New Jersey. The facility consists of 70 independent living units and 73 assisted living units in two residential buildings. The prior owner was unable to achieve occupancy sufficient to... Read more
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