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  • CarePoint - Resident safety system

    Lifeline Senior Living has upgraded the CarePoint resident safety system with new 6.2 advanced central monitoring software. This foundation of the Care Point system receives, processes and identifies alerts throughout your community, including alerts from AutoAlert fall detection technology and... Read More
  • CarePoint Essential

    Remote access, better workflows and insights into resource allocation - all delivered on a simple cloud-based system that can grow and add services over time. Communities are asking more from their e-call systems but struggle as traditional, on-premises solutions were never built with this in... Read More
  • Personal Alert Buttons

    Personal alert buttons with AutoAlert fall detection: When your community is protected by the CarePoint resident safety system, the Lifeline's personal alert buttons with AutoAlert fall detection can help residents maintain their lifestyle within your community. Whether residents send an alert... Read More

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  • Philips COVID-19 Resident Safety Technology eBook By

    The right cloud-based technology platforms can enable senior living communities to pivot quickly. As contact tracing and social distancing protocols become the new normal, real-time location systems can help track, trace, and prevent outbreaks to keep residents, staff, and visitors... Read more

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