Smart Adaptive Clothing

6024 Ridge Avenue, Suite 116-334
Philadelphia, PA 19128

About Smart Adaptive Clothing

Millions struggle with the not so simple task of getting dressed. We want to change that. Introducing Smart Adaptive Clothing- apparel designed to make getting dressed easy, allowing all to keep their dignity and style.

Current offering:blouses and shirts for women, men and teens. We use Velcro fasteners behind the placket and cuffs for easy on and easy off dressing. Additionally, we keep the buttons on the placket and cuffs for a "traditional" appearance.

If you want to regain or maintain independence, save time and frustration, build confidence for your self or dressing another, please try our clothing. Our clothing is great for those living at home, short term rehab, skilled nursing, assisted living and more.

Who Benefits: Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Parkinson, Stroke, Neuropathy, post surgery, rehab, Autism, Chemo, Mastectomy, professional and home caregivers. ALS, MS, MD, limb differences, disabilities, all abilities. Please share. Thank you

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